My Summer Essentials

There wasn't much of a summer this year in our country. It's not like I love heat, but what I do love is sun. A lot of sunny and bright days. Despite not having a real summer here and that in less than a month there will be officially a fall, I decided to share with you few of products that I was using and most of them also loved a lot this summer.

Sun protection
I bought few products to protect my skin from sun, but in the end I didn't spend much time in the sun. I was working a lot or it was raining etc. On my face I was using Sun Dance Ultra Sensitive fluid with SPF 50. I used it few times and although it does protect skin nicely, I'm not really a huge fan. First, it takes for ever to soak into the skin. Second, it's quite sticky, which makes it inappropriate as a base for makeup. And third, when you sweat big time, the sweat just removes it from the face. I didn't like that, because the main reason I bought it was to use it when I'll work outside (like cutting the grass and similar). But when I was using it in "normal" occasions, meaning no sweating and no wearing makeup, it worked great. After it sank into the skin, it protected it great from the sun. On my body I was using Sun Dance Transparent spray with SPF 30. I do like this one a lot. It smells like most of sun cream sand it's very easy to use. I noticed that when I used it my skin was tanning evenly and slow. The last product is my favourite in the bunch. It's Sun Dance Fresh Apres Spray, which I use after sunbath. This product smells soooo amazing, like pineapple. At the beginning when you spray it it feels very refreshing on the skin, but this feeling doesn't last really long. But on the other hand the scent stays on the skin for ever and it also moisturizes it nicely. 

Preventing sweating and bad smell
Deodorants are a must have products for ever person during a whole year, but specially during the summer. This summer I discovered a very good deodorant that works for me like none of them before - Rexona Long Lasting Protection Shower Clean deodorant. It has a bit too strong scent, that often end in my mouth, but otherwise it's the best soldier again sweat and bad scent. 

Good looking legs
In reality my legs don't look good at all, but using Balea Raisergel Summer Garden and Venus razor at least prevents me to look like orangutan. Just kidding. But it's not a secret that I love Balea shaving gels, since they don't irritate my skin or make it red. Venus razor is the best razor I tried. I tried many others before, but none of them worked as good as Venus. In summer I like to use Balea Feet Peeling, which is very gentle peeling and because of that some will may think it doesn't work good, but it works good enough for me. My feet always feel great and soft after usage.

Light moisturizers and glowy skin
When it's very very hot I love to use only Balea Aqua serum on my face, because it's very light moisturizer and most of the time is enough for a day routine. Since this summer was a bit colder than usually I had to use face cream too. I was using Green Line face cream for normal skin and I also like Mixa face cream, both give a skin a matte look. In the summer it's important to moisture hands as well. Balea hand lotions are definitely perfect products for that, because they are very light and sink into the skin fast. 
I admit I'm not a huge fan of body lotions, so Nuxe dry oil was an amazing solution to moisturize my skin during the summer. It's not greasy, sinks into the skin quickly and it gives it a nice shine. In the summer I love to use body lotions with tiny shimmer that gives a nice glow to tanned skin. At the moment I'm using Culeur Caramel Shimmery Body lotion, but I don't use it very often, mostly when I go out in the evening.

Glowy and shimmery face
This summer I love glowy effect on my face as well. I love to use Bourjois Healthy Mix serum in shade Light Vanilla as a foundation, because it's very light. As a primer or a product mixed with my foundation I love L'Oreal Lumi Maqique base. It definitely helps to foundation to stay longer on my face. A must have summery makeup product for me is Sleek Rose Gold blush from Face Form kit. It contains golden shimmer that gives a nice sheen to my cheeks and that's why I love it a lot. Because of that I mostly don't use highlighter at all. Of course I use this kit for contouring as well. On my eyes I wore Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette most often and here you can see my go to summer look. I don't use waterproof mascaras, because I don't think they give much volume, so I use Essence I Love Extreme mascara in summer as well.

Bright matte lips
On my lips I loved bright and matte colors all summer long. I completely felt in love with Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition lipsticks when I tried Ping Pong as first lipstick from this collection, so with time I purchased three more shades: Frambourjoise, Peach Club and Nude-ist! These are really amazing!

Neon nails
My biggest love - neon nail polishes. I have them quite a lot and I love each one of them, although there are few that I wear more often than others: GT Cosmetics No 2 and Models Own Polish for Tans polishes (Bikini, Flip Flop and Beach Bag). If you want to see my manicures with them, check out my Instagram profile.

Must have essentials
Last two products are must have products in my bag. First is Catrice Mattfying Oil Control Paper, which is specially handy when I wear makeup. It helps me to remove sweat from my face without smudging my makeup. Next are Essence Minis2go hand&body wipes. These are handy for many things like removing swatches from your hand in drugstore, cleaning your hands ...

Which were your summer essentials? Thank you for reading!

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  1. Nice choices and I love the nail polishes :-D

  2. Super izbira, se strinjam z večino. Pri meni je bil letos še zelo aktualen Balein solni sprej za lase :)

    1. Jej, super, da misliš isto. Jaz letos za lase nisem kupovala nič posebnega, ker sem vedela, da ne bom ogromno na soncu zaradi službe.

  3. imam osjecaj kao da je to ljeto bilo prije sto godina :(