Monthly Favourites of July

Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipsticks Edition
I'm completely obsessed with matte lips lately. I do not wear lipstick every day, but when I do I reach for one of my Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks. At the beginning I bought only one shade and I knew immediately I'll bought at least one more, but I never thought I'll get so many of them. I love them. They have nice formula, not the most opaque one, but are buildable, they dry in matte finish which looks amazing on lips, the color selection is very interesting, they leave  nice even stain on my lips and last around 4 hours. I also love that they don't feel heavy on my lips. Four shades in my collection are Frambourjoise, Peach Club, Ping Pong, Nude-ist! You can read my review of Ping Pong here, other swatches have to be yet posted on my blog. 

Collistar Infinito mascara
I didn't expect much from this mascara, but it turned out to be a great one. It has a plastic wand with small bristles. It gives volume to my lashes (although it doesn't beat Essence I Love Extreme Volume), it curles them a bit, separates them nicely, lasts all day without smuding and giving my eyes a panda look, doesn't irritate my eyes and it also isn't hard to remove. 

Sleek Rose Gold blush
Sleek Rose Gold blush from Face Form Fair kit is my favorite blush of the summer. It's orangy shade with golden shimmer and it's the most perfect blush for the summer. The golden shimmer gives my cheeks a gorgeous shine, the blush blends nicely and it looks quite natural on cheeks. The longevity depends from the base I wear underneath. If I wear a primer under a foundation, it can lasts up to 10 hours.

L'Oreal Lumi Maguique Pure Light example
This product was a love at first sight or better said usage. It's white and can be used as a primer, mixed together with foundation and a highlighter. It gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin. If I use it as a primer it prolongs the duration of my foundation, if I mix it with foundation it gives a dewy finish to the skin and as highlighter it gives cheeks a nice glow. It's very easy to blend and I only need a tiny bit of product, specially if I use it as highlighter. It costs around € 13, but it's totally worth the money.

Sun Dance Fresh Apres Spray
This is the spray that I use after sunbath. I spray it on the skin and it feels so fresh and calming on the skin, but that feeling doesn't last long. However, this spray smells amazing. It smells like you'd put all the tropic fruit on you and the scent is quite strong. I adore tropical scents and this is one of the main reasons I got this product.  

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette
If I do makeup on daily basis this is one of the palettes I reach for. I love how first eyelid shade brightens and opens up my eyes and otherwise I find this palette amazing as well. Eyeshadows are great pigmented, easy to blend and last my whole working day. I reviewed this palette here and I also showed a tutorial for my summer go to look. 

Nudes from Makeup Revolution Dia de los Muertos palette
Four nude eyeshadows from this palette were my favourite to use in July as well. These are perfect for neutral daily look which I like to do when I don't have much time for makeup. These matte shades are very silky, nice pigmented, easy to apply and blend and I wouldn't mind having one palette with only these four shades. You can check for swatches and my review of a palette here.

Rexona Longlasting Protection Shower Clean deodorant
If in the summer I find a good deodorant that works against sweating and bad smell I'm the happiest child in the world. And Rexona is that deodorant. I was never much of a fan of spray deodorants, but since this one works I'll return to it again and again. It has a bit too strong scent and when I spray it I sometimes have it in my mouth (I'm not sure why because with pink Rexona one the story is different), but I forgive it that because of its effectiveness.

Afrodita 100% Spa Sugar Scrub
Last two products I'm going to mention were already mentioned before as products I'm currently obsessed with. About Afrodita sugar scrub I have nothing else to say than only positive things. It's a rough scrub, but it removes dead skin great and it leaves the skin nourished perfectly. The skin smells amazing and it's moisturized - it's like I would apply a body oil on it. Maybe the only negative thing is that one use it up quickly. To me it will be enough for about four usages only. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil
I noticed that dry oils are actually great products to use during the summer. They are not greasy, sink into skin quickly, moisture it and also give it a nice glow. Beside that Nuxe oils smells amazing. I haven't use it on my face yet, but I'm very curious how it'll work there. 

Which ones were your favourite products in July? Have you tried any of my favourites? Thank you for reading!

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  1. The Sleek blush in Rose Gold is gorgeous. I recently bought it for a present.

    1. It is. It looks amazing on cheeks. You can see it in my newest post. :)

  2. Super favoriti :) Je dosti stvari, ki so tudi meni najljubše. A veš, da bo nov odtenek Velvetsov - Happy Nude Year. Glede na prve swatche izgleda prekrasen peachy-pink-nude odtenek :)

    1. Nisem vedela. Sem šla poguglat in je res lep odtenek. :)

  3. Velvetki so tudi meni fenomenalni, imam pa dva, zaenkrat in ju res pogosto nosim. O tem sladkornem pilingu čisto preveč dobrega berem, res si ga moram kupit. Za olje se pa ne morem odločiti, kje bi ga najprej preizkusila, ampak na obraz ga skorajda ne upam dati, z mojo mastno kožo. Morda na lase. :)

    1. Jaz večinoma še samo njih nosim, ko se ličim.
      Jaz ga na obrazu še tudi nisem preizkusila, ampak na srečo nimam problemovz mastno kožo, ampak suho in mi bo verjetno pozimi prav prišlo. Na laseh pa ga še tudi nisem stestirala, ker bi prej rada porabila ostala olja, ki jih imam. :)

  4. The lipsticks look so pretty :-)

  5. Nuxe olje sem danes prvič sprobala..sprva mi vonj ni bil všeč, zdaj pa mi zelo epo diši (še ga vedno lahko zaznam na sebi). :)

    1. Meni je bil pa vonj takoj všeč, mi npr. lepše diši kot Yves Rocher suho olje. :)

  6. Uff, kar 4 borujois sminke..vedno jih obcudujem v trgovini, vendar se še nism opogumila, ker res niti ena ni moja barva. :) rexona deodoranti so mi ful usec

  7. Tole Collistar maskaro bi kupila že zaradi same embalaže :D izgleda tako elegantno :D pa tele Bourjois lipstick moram tudi sporbat :D