Insta Nails

If you follow my blog from the beginning, then you know I was mostly a nail blogger since I started this blog. But lately I don't post much about my nails and telling the truth I have no idea why is that, because I paint my nails regular and I still enjoy doing nail art. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't post that often anymore and that I have many other ideas for blog posts. But I often share my manciures on Instagram and because I know not all of my readers have Instagram, I decided to collect manicures I posted there and showed them to you in one post. The quality of photos isn't as good as it would be if photos would be taken with my camera, because I mostly take them with my phone. 

French manicure, Avon Underworld, Blue nails.
Essence Yeah, Copacabana!, Flower nail art, Bird nail art.
Gosh Hero, Neon on holo, Dots.
Strawberry nail art, Sun nail art, Cherry nail art.
Neon birthday manicure, Black and yellow, Black and yellow 2.
Dots, dots and dots again.
Sunflower nail art, Skittle manicure, Blue stripes.
Green flowers, Nautical nail art, Anchor.
Neon manicure, Triangles, Melting nail art.
Yes Love G11-6, GT Cosmetics No 2, Nautical manicure.
Neon leopard print, Green manicure, another nautical nails.
Which ones are your favourite? Thank you for reading!