Yves Rocher Review: Face

Some time ago few of Slovenian bloggers received products for full face makeup look from Yves Rocher for a contest. I actually wrote about them back them, but in Slovene only, so I decided to review everything in English as well. I'm starting with face products: a primer, a foundation and a powder. I actually noticed that the names are a bit different in Slovenian store than in UK, so sorry for any confusion.

Yves Rocher Perfect Primer 
Price: 12,24€ for 15 ml
This is actually a primer I have love-hate relationship with. At the beginning it frightened me a bit because it's so dark. I was afraid it'll be too dark for me, but it blends into the skin and it adapts to the skin tone. It's easy bleandable and only a small amount of products is necessary for a whole face. It also gives the skin a nice shine and it prolongs the foundation duration. What actually bothers me a lot is the scent. It has very strong artificial scent, which stinks to me. Maybe it'll smell to someone, but not to me. I would prefer if primer would be scent free. I haven't told you anything about the packaging, which is made of glass and it works very sturdy. I dropped it few times (I'm clumsy, what can I say), but it didn't brake.

Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation in shade 100 Beige
Price: 21,71€ for 30 ml
I have the shade 100 Beige, which is too dark for me during the winter when I'm pale like a Snow White, but at the moment when I have a darker tan it suits me well. The foundation is scented too, but luckily the scent is not strong and it doesn't bother me so much. Its packaging is also made of glass and it has a golden lid, but no cap. By the primer the lack of the cap doesn't bother me that much, but here I miss it. 
The foundation itself it's creamy and it has a bit thicker formula. It's medium opaque, but buildable and usually two pumps are enough for my whole face. It blends nicely, evens the skin tone and I like that it doesn't emphasize dry parts on my skin. Alone it last around 7 or 8 hours, but with primer underneath and/or powder over it lasts much longer.

Yves Rocher Velvet Finish Loose Powder Transparence Rosee
Price: 14,08€ for 15 g
The packaging of this product is a plastic jar and it has screw the cap. Inside it has little holes through which powder comes out, but I don't like the packaging too much, because when I carry this product around too much powder comes out and when I open the jar, the powder dust all around the place. Although this product looks very bright, my foundation looks too dark when I wear it. I actually think this might be because the foundation shade is beige and this powder is pink (I know they have beige shade of this powder as well), but maybe I'm wrong. But otherwise I do like this powder, it's silky, it mattifys the skin perfectly and it makes foundation last longer on my face. I just have to be careful not to use it too much, because otherwise it can look cakey and it can emphasize dry parts on face. 

On left is my naked face and on right my face makeup made with all three products. Together they last very long on my face, even up to 11 hours.

Have you tried any of these Yves Rocher products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!
*Products were sent to me for review.

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  1. I've never tried them. They do look good! Big difference in the final photo! :-)

    1. I think so too, together they gave nice coverage.

  2. is it okay for sensitive skin or acne prone skin?

  3. Hi Taya! Would you know if its okay to use the youthful glow if I have a skin that is sensitive? (Acne prone skin)

  4. Hi Taya! Would you know if its okay to use the youthful glow if I have a skin that is sensitive? (Acne prone skin)