Summer Loves: My Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

I'm so excited about this post, because it's a collaboration with one of my favourite bloggers and Youtubers Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life. I bet you all know her by now, but in case you don't, definitely check out her blog and Youtube. She also owns an online shop Destination Pretty with amazing products selection (she brought many brands in Slovenia that weren't sold here before) and she ships internationally, so everyone can order them. 
We decided to do a collaboration post about our five favourite summer polishes and the decision was very hard, but in the end I manage to reduce my choice on only five polishes.

A bright neon yellow shade with pastel formula. It was my favourite of Models Own neon polishes I ordered and I never doubt I'll wear it a lot. It was on my nails many times in past few weeks, alone and in combination with different polishes and by my opinion this is a must have nail polish for summer.

A neon orange polish with more jelly formula. I got it in a swap few years ago, but never wore it as much as this year. It applys amazingly and it's opaque in two coats. It doesn't matter if I'm fair or tanned, I love to wear it in any occasion. 

Essie Fiji
The decision was a bit harder here, because I was hesitating between Fiji and Blanc. Blanc is probably my all time favourite polish, which I use all year along and Fiji is a new polish in my collection, which I wore many times till now, because I think it looks amazing with tanned skin. In the end this was the reason I decided for Fiji. It's a nude pink polish with jelly formula, that requires two or three coats, it depends from the thickness of a coat, and I have a feeling it'll be on my nails all summer time.

Coral is definitely a summer shade and Essence Off to Miami is the prettiest coral polish in my collection. As all other choices in this post this is also one of the polishes I think of when I don't know what to wear.

What would be the summer without the blue nail polish? Pacific Blue is my new blue love. It has an amazing formula and it totally screams summer to me. 

As bonus for this post I also made a nail art with my favourite summer nail polishes. I was feeling creative and made few designs with these five shades. Since I felt that the first manicure is too colorful to wear it at work (omg, did I just wrote that?), I made one less colorful and more wearable.

What do you think about my nail polish choices for summer? Thank you for reading!