Review and Swatches: Wet N Wild Comfort Zone

Meet my new favourite palette for summer. I can already tell that the look with this palette will be my go to look for the summer. Why? Because eyeshadows make my eyes pop out. In this post I'm also going to share a tutorial for my go to look.

The packaging of this palette is nothing special. It's plastic with a transparent lid and since is quite small, it's good for traveling, although the packaging is not as sturdy as for example the Sleek one. It contains 8 shimmery eyeshadows (8,5 g) and each has engraved its purpose. That's why I find this palette great for beginners, although that doesn't mean that you have to use a certain eyeshadow for the exact purpose that's written on. 

Eyeshadows are very silky, smooth, blend nicely, dust a bit, but fall out is minimal. The color payoff is really amazing, even the lightest shades are nicely pigmented. Although both two lightest shades are meant to be used on browbone, I find second one too dark for that. It's good for blending the harsh lines or to be used on lids. My favourite eyeshadow is "eyelid 1" and I use it all the time on my eyelids. I can believe, how bright and open my eyes look when I wear it. I also adore the duochrome shade. It's not as noticeable on eyes as in pan, but still gorgeous. Some bloggers said that this eyehsdow blends harder than others, but I didn't notice that. I usually wear my makeup for 12 or more hours (I do my makeup at 7 a.m. and remove it at 8 p.m or later) and I noticed, that they do tend to crease, but only after 9 or 10 hours, which doesn't bother me, because after that time I'm already home from work. Besides, it could also be the heat, I do sweat a lot when it's hot (hate it, but it happens).

Now let's go to the tutorial of my go to look with this palette. First I use Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base, as always. Then I use "crease 1" eyeshadow which I apply in crease. On lids I use eyeshadow "eyelid 1". After that I use "definer 2" (sometimes also "definer 1" or "crease 2") in outer V. Before I go to lower lashline I like to use the lightest shade to blend the harsh lines. Under my eyes I love to use green eyeshadow "eyelid 2" to give the look a pop of colour. In my inner corner I use "browbone 1" shade to open the look a bit more. If I have enough time I use eyeliner, but in the morning I usually have 5-10 min to do the makeup so eyeliner is not an option, because I wouldn't apply it nicely. Then I just use black kajal pencil on waterline and apply a mascara. 

And this is a full face makeup. I really love to wear these eyeshadow, they are perfect for day time look. Although I use it mostly for gentle looks, it can be used for bolder looks as well and I bet I'll do one soon.

Wet n Wild palette is available in Slovenia in Destination Pretty online store for 8,48 €.

Have you tried Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading!