My Makeup Routine: Brows

Before I start with this post, just one warning to young girls: Don't pluck your eyebrows too much. Just don't. When I was younger thin eyebrows were popular and almost every girl I knew pluck them a lot. Me included. Few years later that left me with horrible shape of eyebrows that I try to grow back to normal, but unfortunately they don't grow much anymore. Few years of plucking did the damage. When I do the makeup I dedicate quite some time to my brows, but because of a strange shape I always make them different. Today I want to talk about products I use and show you how I fill my brows.

There are four products I use for my brows. Well, actually five, but last one I always forget to mention, although it's probably the most important. First product is Catrice Date With Ash-ton eyebrow pencil. I have more greyish eyebrows and maybe this pencil is a bit too brown for me, but otherwise it's amazing. Soft, not too creamy, easy to work with, pigmented, but still allows gentle application, which that can be buildable. I was using it a lot until I didn't discover Catrice eyebrow set. It has two brown shades, one darker and one lighter, and it also comes with a brush which I don't use. I tried both shades and darker I used for bolder looks (which many readers didn't like) and brighter I use all the time. On photos my brows look a bit strange with it, but in person they look great and I think it's a perfect match. I use it all the time and I already hit the pan (which happened later than these photos were taken). I use Ecotools eyeliner brush to apply eyeshadow on my eyes. It's soft, precise and angled which makes it perfect to use it on eyebrows. Next I use Body&Soul brush to comb through brows. Sometimes I do that before application and sometimes after. The last step  and product that I noticed is an obligatory, but I forgot to put it on photo is a concealer. I use it to define lower line of brow shape and it makes lashes look beautiful. I really love to use Essence Stay All Day 16h Longlasting concealer which I find amazing since it has a great coverage. 

And now let's see how I fill my brows. For the tutorial I first used Catrice eyebrow pencil and then over it a lighter shade from Catrice eyebrow set. First I fill my brow from the arch till end. I follow my natural shape. Then I draw a line from the beginning of my brows till arch. Then I fill gasps with short motions. I try to make the shape looking the nice as possible. Then I place a concealer under my eyes and use a concealer brush to blend it under my brow and make the line look more clean. And my brows are done.

Which products do you use to fill your eyebrows? Thank you for reading!