Makeup Revolution Dia de los Muertos palette

Some time ago Lič were kind to bloggers again and they send us few Makeup Revolution products. I received Dia de los Muertos palette which is a limited edition palette if I'm not mistaken. The palette looked really nice at the beginning, because it has amazing color selection, but there's one catch that prevents me falling in love with this palette.

Let's talk about the packaging first. Makeup Revolution made a big improvement here. Packaging is black, bigger, more sturdy and it has a big mirror inside. Definitely a big plus for a mirror. Maybe the only downside is that the packaging is glossy and every fingertip is visible on it. They also changed lids into square and round ones. Again a big improvement, because these lids are so much more practical. The other thing I also adore is that eyeshadows have NAMES. Yes, they gave names to eyeshadows. How cool is that? The palette contains 18 eyeshadows, 12 of them have shimmery/pearly and 6 have matte finish.

Review and swatches
This palette is actually "all in one" palette to me. It has shimmery and matte eyeshadows, dark for smoky looks and neutral shades for daily looks, few colorful shades for bolder looks and bright shades for highlighting. 
They dust big time, so fall out is present. But otherwise the quality of eyeshadows isn't bad - they are silky, easy to apply and blend, pigmented and by this palette I had less problems with creasing as by other two I tried (Acid Brights, Hot Smoked). I'm specially impressed with matte shades. All four neutral matte shades are often used in my look for work lately (if I do any). They are silky, creamy, very nice pigmented for matte eyeshadows, blendable and even when they blend they don't loose color intensity.

Love Life - a metallic beige eyeshadow, very silky and perfect as a highlighter.
Laugh More - a white pearly eyeshadow. I like to use these kind of shades in inner corner when I'm doing a look with shimmery eyeshadows.
Redemption is Near - a magenta shimmery shade, probably my least favourite in this palette. 
Get Busy Living - a plum shimmery shade.
Affirtmation -  a violet shimmery shade, a bit harder than Get Busy Living, but great pigmented.
Get Out There - a dark teal eyeshadow, that actually has a matte base, but contains tiny shimmer. This one is harder and dustier than others, but the color payoff is amazing.

Live Life -  a pink pearly shade, very soft and pigmented.
Smile - a lilac pearly shade, the formula it the same as by Live Life.
Salvation is Inside - a white pearly shade with green shimmer, which is not visible on photos at all. I actually didn't even notice that the green shimmer until I didn't start writing this post. Maybe the first layer I used for these swatches contained less shimmer. Now I'm really curious to do a look with it.
Or Get Busy Dying - an electric blue shimmery eyeshadow, amazingly pigmented.
Celebrate Life -  a dark green shimmery eyeshadow, it's harder, but amazingly pigmented.
Turn the TV Off - a purple shimmery eyeshadow.

There's No Time to Waste - a vanilla shade matte eyeshadow, that is perfect as a highlighter and also for blending the harsh lines. The pigmentation is not bad, but it's not very visible on swatch because of my skin tone.
There is Always a Way Back - a mauve matte shade, nicely pigmented and I like to use it in crease or over the whole lid.
Comeback Queen -  a darker brown matte shade I love to use in crease or in outer V. This one is less silky than other matte shades, but the best pigmented.
Go and Get the World - this one is very similar to There is Always a Way Back, just darker. I like to use it all over my lid, but I use it more often in crease.
Live With Passion - a neon matte yellow eyeshadow.
Be You - a neon purple matte eyeshadow.

Makeup look
Although I mostly use 4 brown-ish matte eyeshadows from this palette (which are perfect for daily look) I made a colorful look. In crease I first used There is Always a Way Back. Then I used Affirmation on first half of the lid and Turn the TV Off on second part. In outer V and under my eyes I used Get Out There. To add a bit of color I used Live with Passion in inner corner and I used There's No Time to Waste as highlighter.

And a full look. I combined it with Bourjois Nude-ist which is one of my favourite lipsticks lately.

Comparison with other Makeup Revolution palettes
The reason this palette didn't impress me as it did many other bloggers is that this palette has few dupes for eyeshadows from Hot Smoked and Acid Brights palette, which are both in my collection. At the beginning I noticed only two dupes (neon yellow and electric blue eyeshadow), but later when I was swatching Dia de los Muertos and comparing it to other two palettes I found 7 dupes totally. I mean, I understand that MR copies more expensive brands so that they can offer the same shades for less money and everyone can buy them, but why would they copy their own shades? Ok, I won't say that all 7 shades are 100% dupes, but they are close enough not to need them both. Beside that I don't find differences in quality - all shades have similar color payoff, texture, application and everything else.

On left are eyeshadows from Acid Brights palette and on right from Dia de los Muertos palette. Eyeshadows in Acid Brights palette don't have names, but in Dia de los Muertos eyeshadows are (from L to R) Redemption is Near, Live With Passion, Be You.

On right are eyeshadows from Hot Smoked palette and on right eyeshadows from Dia de los Muertos palette. Eyeshadows in Hot Smoked palette don't have names, but in Dia de los Muertos eyeshadows are (from L to R): Get Busy Living, Turn the TV Off, Live With Passion, Go and Get the World.

For the price 8,95 € this is a good palette, but I personally wouldn't purchase Dia de los Muertos by myself. I think that this palette is good for people, who are starting with makeup, have small palette collection and want a cheaper palette or for someone who really adores these shades, but not for someone like me who has big palette collection and with it few dupes for eyeshadows in Dia de los Muertos palette. My favourite in this palette are shades Love Life, There's no Time to Waste, There is Always a Way Back, Comeback Queen, Go and Get the World and maybe Salvation as well because of a green shimmer.
Palette is available on Lič for 8,95 € and on Makeup Revolution site for £6.00.

What do you think about this palette? Yay or nay? Thank you for reading!
*Product was sent to me for review.

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  1. Paletka meni osebno izgleda zelo lepo ampak imam že večino barv v svoji zbirki. Nobena izmed njihovih novih paletk me ni pritegnila ravno zaradi tega, je pa super da so izboljšali embalažo in da so dali senčkam imena :) upam da bo taka embalaža ostala tudi za naprej, ne samo pri limited edition paletkah.

    1. MR je znan po tem, da kopira, tako da ni nič čudnega, če ima že vsaka podobne odtenke v zbirki. :)

  2. Nevtralni odtenki so zelo lepi:) Všeč mi je tvoj look:) Imam pa raje, da je paleta ali bolj nevtralna ali pa bolj barvita. Ta pa je nekje vmes. Temni odtenki niso ravno po mojem okusu.

    1. Hvala. :) Nevtralni so mi najljubši v tej paleti, pa na splošno obožujem barvna senčila.

  3. ne znam zasto al mi se ne svidja pretjerano paleta, valjda jer sam se prebacila na neutralne u zadnje vrijeme i nista drugo me prakticki ne zanima XD

    1. Čisto možno, da je razlog v tem. :)

  4. baš mi se sviđaju mat nijanse, jedva čekam još puno divnih lookova s njima :D

    1. Mogoče kak pride v prihodnje. :)

  5. Zanimivo ime paletke :)) ful so lepe barve, take žive. In ful makeup mas. Lepo ti pase ;))

  6. Super look, kot ponavadi. Vem da se ponavljam, samo kaj morem, res so mi všeč tvoje ideje in to da rada uporabljaš vse barve. :) Hvala za primerjavo odtenkov, paleta je res krasna, ampak bi ob direktni primerjavi vseh treh palet kupila raje Acid Brights, ker je notri več odtenkov, ki jih še nimam in vsi, ki so mi pri Dia de los muertos najbolj všeč.

    1. No, vsaj nekomu sem pomagala pri izbiri. Ampak če si se že odločila za Acid Brights, bi ti raje priporočala Sleek Acid paleto, meni osebno je ljubša, je pa MR njena kopija.

  7. Great colors! I really like what you've done with your eyes! Amazing :-)