I want to go to the sea

Let's talk about nails, shall we? I titled this post that way, because I really want to go on vacation somewhere, but unfortunately for me it starts the most busy month at work, so nothing from vacation till September. But if I can't go anywhere I can at least conjure a touch of sea and vacation on my nails.

I made two different nautical manicures with "Compass, chain, anchor pattern" water decals, I received from Born Pretty Store. First one is a combination of decals and silver-blue stripes (I wanted to use a golden striping tape, but discovered that I don't own it) and second one is more nautical french. 

As all water decals I had to put these ones in the water for few seconds as well before applying them on nails. I don't find that these have a great quality as some others I tried before. These were harder to remove from foil and water melted them a bit (as you can notice on my middle finger on first manicure). For both manicures I used Essie Blanc as a base. On first photo the blue is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and on second Flormar 423. But despite not such great quality of water decals I love both nail arts I did. 

If you're going to shop at Born Pretty Store, use my coupon for 10 % discount. 

What do you think about my manicures? Thank you for reading!

12 komentarjev

  1. Vem, da sem verjetno že prevečkrat to rekla, ampak ta prva manikura mi je definitivno ena izmed tvojih najljubših. Sploh kazalec in mezinec sta mi zelo všeč :)

  2. krasne manikure, ali prva mi se više sviđa :D

  3. Zelo lepa....Na Jadransko morje me spominja tale manikura (sami lepi spomini :P).