Essie Fiji Glows in the Dark

Let's talk about Essie Fiji a bit more. Since this is one of my favourite summer nail polishes, it definitely deserves its own post. I actually want to show you another very interesting polish in this post as well.

Essie Fiji is a nude pinky cream polish with more watery formula. It needs 2 or 3 coats, it depends how thick or thin your coats are. It applys like a butter, probably also because of a great rounded bigger brush. Drying time is fast even without a top coat, so those who don't use fast drying top coat gonna love it too. I already mentioned that it looks amazing on tanned skin and that's why this is probably the only pinkish shade I'm going to like in my life. I also used it on toes and it looks even better there than on my nails on hands. Although I usually wear colorful polishes on my toes in the summer, this one will be on them a lot. The only problem is that Essie polishes are quite expensive. I mean, 10 € is a lot for me, specially because they don't last on my nails longer than cheaper polishes and Fiji can chip on me after one day. I like to buy Essie when they are on sale and this weekend (from 11.7.-13.7) DM is having a sale on Essie polishes - you can buy two polishes for the price of one.

The other polish I want to talk about today is Yes Love 59. It's a polish with transparent base and red and white hexagonal and bar glitter. It has a bit thicker formula and it doesn't apply as nicely as it could. With one brush stroke there stays only a little amount of glitter on nails, so I have to dab it on to get it more on my nails. It also drys a bit longer, so fast drying top coat is necessary. Yes love polishes stink like hell. Unfortunately scent lasts quite long. If I paint my nails in the evening I still can smell it in the morning, but the scent is not as strong as when I freshly painted my nails. What I like about this polish is that it glows in the dark. And that's not subtle glow, but quite strong. Essence Glow in the Dark top coat is zero against this one. This one glows even if you don't hold it under a light. That can be a bit disturbing when you want to sleep, at least it was to me at the beginning, but I got use to it. I bought it in Chinese store in Murska Sobota for about 2 € or something like that.

 What do you think of these two polishes? Have you tried any? Thank you for reading!