Currently Obsessed With #1

New post series on my blog, yay! I decided to start with blog series where I'd mention different stuff (beauty, random etc.) I'm obsessed with. Although there will be many beauty products mention this post won't be similar to monthly favourites, I'll keep continuing with them (new favourites post will be up next week). I often get obsessed with one thing (food, movie, beauty products, jewelry ...) and sometimes I do mention it on Instagram, but more often I don't mention it anywhere so I decided to start sharing them with you on my blog, specially because my random post became almost non-existent in this placed called Taya blog (I blame Instagram). These won't be monthly posts or something, but I'll post them every now or then when I'll have something to mention. That can happen every week or every three months. Well see. Sometimes there will be mentioned one or two stuff and sometimes more, like today when I want to tell you about 6 things I'm currently obsessed with. :)

Nuxe Huile Prodigiuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil
I'm probably the last person on Earth trying this oils, but as all others I felt in love with it immediately as I tried it. I got it on Lekarnar at the beginning of the month together with Nuxe lip balm and I payed only 33 € for both products. And I received bigger version (100 ml). It smells amazing and it feels so great on skin. My skin is moisturized without feeling greasy and it soaks into skin quickly. I just wish the scent would last longer. I have no idea why I didn't purchase this products before, but I'll definitely repurchase it from now on. In the summer this is so much better to use than body lotion. I even convinced my two co-workers to get this oil and they both love it. :)

I made an account in April (my nickname is taja_g) and since then I'm completely obsessed with it. Because of it I started to neglect other social medias (Facebook, Twitter and specially Pinterest which I don't even use anymore). I love to share photos with my followers and I love to see what other post. I often search for inspiration there, specially for nail art.

Afrodita 100% Spa Sugar Scrub for Body
Another product I bought because I wanted to see what the raving is all about. Omg, this stuff is amazing. It's very rough peeling, but the skin feels amazing after usage. And it moistures the skin perfectly. It actually feels like you would apply an oil on your skin. It works much better than any body lotion I tried. I want a shower gel like this that I can use every day. And the scent is also very pleasant, I even smelled it the next day when I woke up. I recommend.

I remember the time when I was a Youtube freak. I woke up in the morning, watched Youtube videos for an hour or two and then I went to study or something do anything else. Beside not having so much time many of Youtuber's aren't that interesting to me as they were before. But every Sandra's video makes me happy and if I don't have time to watch her video when she uploads it I have a marathon and watch more videos at once. She's such a talented girl, down to earth and her videos are so amazing. I specially love to watch her videos with here sister, they are just hilarious together.

Fishtail braid
Having long hair means that I have to wear them tied together, otherwise I sweat like crazy. My favourite summer hairstyle is fishtail braid. My hair is long enough to make a nice looking braid (I remember times when my hair was shorter and I wanted to wear fishtail braid, but I couldn't because it didn't came out nice). I wear it by side or I make a high pony tail and then I braid it.

Harry Potter movies
If am going to tell you how I watch Harry Potter movies, you're going to say I'm crazy. Every now and then (that means every few months) I'm having a HP marathon. In a week or so I watch all 8 movies and like that's not enough the next day I watched the last movie I start watching them again from the beginning. I know you probably think this is the crazies thing you've heard. But although I know exactly what's going to happen I enjoy in HP movies a lot (yes, I also adore books).

What is your current obsession? Thank you for reading!