Beauty Tag - You can pick only one

I was tagged by Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog to do this tag and since I like this tag a lot, here it is. Basically the rule of this tag is to pick one brand or products for each category. The tag was originally created by Rebecca from Autumn Leaves

Low End/Drugstore Brand
I have to go with Catrice here. Amazing quality for a low price. They have great blushes, lipsticks, I love their eyebrow products and also some mono eyeshadows aren't that bad. There's no nail polish on upper photo, because I have too many of them.

High End Brand
Going through my stash I don't think I have much high end products. I do have Clinique blush/highlighter in Peony which is a nice product, but I don't use it much, so I can't say it's my favourite. Also, recently I received few Clarins products which I have to test yet. 

I just bought L'Oreal Lumi primer two weeks ago and I already adore it. I tried only three primers till now and I can already say that this one is the best from all three, so it's an obvious choice. Beside, it's the only primer it's impressed me immediately. 

Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger without a doubt. Amazing golden highlighter.

Foundation/Face Product
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I prefer foundations with light coverage and this one is perfect. Plus, it has very light shades, so I can also use it during the winter when I'm very pale.

Essence Stay All Day concealer. Amazing coverage, easy to blend, doesn't look cakey on skin - love it.

I don't use bronzers, so no product pick here.

This one is so hard, because I love more than one blush. I think I'll go with Essence Ap-ri(c)ot blush from Be Loud collection here. It looks amazing on cheeks and it's perfect for wearing in any season.

Essence All About Matt fixing powder. It prolongs my foundation, gives the skin a matt look and it doesn't look cakey or anything on me. 

Setting Spray
Haven't used any yet, so again, no product pick here.

Eyebrow Product
Catrice eyebrow set. This is the most amazing product I tried for my eyebrows (which look terrible, btw) and the lightest shade is the perfect match for them.

Sleek Storm. It has amazing selection of eyeshadows. I can do daily neutral and bolder looks with it. Although I admit I neglect it a lot, since I have many palettes and I like to use different ones.

Catrice eyeliner. It's the blackest black, amazing pigmented, last long on eyes. 

Essence I Love Volume mascara. I tried many mascaras and none gave me such an amazing volume as this one. 

Lip Product
Another one very hard, but since Catrice Go Flamingo Go is the most perfect peachy shade and I almost finished it, I have to go with it here.

Nail Polish
Essie Blanc. As a huge nail polish lover I could think all day and change my minds about my favourite polish every five minutes, but Essie Blanc is the most useful polish in the world - I wear it all year no matter the season, alone and I use it a lot with nail art manicures. Pure love.

Beauty Tool
Tweezers. A must have beauty tool for me. At the moment I'm using Essence one and I'm very satisfied with it.

I tag Kristina, Sandra, Tamara and Meteo Beauty to do this tag. Even if you're not tagged and you like this tag, feel free to do it. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I love Catrice products and Essence products too, so we're on the same page here. Oh, and Essie Blanc is also my most used nail polish.
    I think I'm gonna do the tag too, if that's ok with you :)

    1. I see we like same products. Yes, the more the merrier, I'd love to read your answers. :)

  2. Love your choices! Gotta do this tag as well, it is such a nice idea. Catrice is my favourite brand by now. :)

    1. Thank you. :) Can't wait to see your post. :)

  3. Catrice bi bila moja druga izbira med najljubšimi znamkami :) Bourjoisov HMS in L'Oreal sta pa itak zakon :) Tole pinceto moram it pogledat,rabim eno boljšo kot jo imam trenutno.

    1. Meni je Essence pinceta zelo dobra, sploh za to ceno. :)

  4. O če to leti name hvala :D
    Bom probala narediti v kratkem če mi bo le čas dopuščal :D

    1. Ja, ti si tagana. Ups, jaz se kar pisala po imenih, po katerih vas poznam in ne po blogih. :P

  5. Lušten post. :) Tudi jaz rabim eno novo pinceto, moja stara je že malo dotrajana, bom pogledala Essenocovo. :)

    1. Jaz sem zadovoljna z njo, imajo pa še neko neon rumeno, ki sem jo ful želela kupiti, ampak sem se zadržala, ker je tale še dobra.

  6. I just did this tag - it is super fun! Thanks for sharing xx

    1. I saw your blog, great picks. :)

  7. What a nice blog! I like Catrice products, as well, and I have lot of them same as you. They made a sale now, new products are comming.:)))

    1. Yes, they are, can't wait till September when they will be available here. :)

  8. Super izbire. :)
    Pa hvala za tagganje. :P Naredim enkrat v bližnji prihodnosti. :)

  9. bome slazemo se po mnogim pitanjima :D