365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 167 - Day 208

It's been a while since I last posted 365 photo challenge on my blog. I didn't stop doing it. Mostly the reason for not posting it weekly lies in laziness - on Sundays I usually take a day off from blogging and in the end I don't manage to edit photos for post and I keep postponing it for few weeks. But I still take photos every day although I often have a lack of inspiration and have no idea what to photograph and then I'm just repeating myself. But in the end when I open a folder with all photos I took for this challenge it's so interesting to go through. Even though my photos are not the bets it's going to be a good memory on year 2014 in the end of the year. :)

Day 167: Relaxation spot in our village.

Day 168: Tired Ris.

Day 169: Time for a new manicure.

Day 170: Flower.

Day 171: Corn field.

Day 172: Cooking "bograč".

Day 173: Sunflower.

Day 174: Wheat field.

Day 175: Going home from Ljubljana.

Day 176: Blogging again after one day.

Day 177: Going away.

Day 178: Wheat.

Day 179: Eye look of the day.

Day 180: Flower.

Day 181: Beauty clock.

Day 182: Exciting new product to try.

Day 183: Bee.

Day 184: Daisies.

Day 185: Lake.

Day 186: New shoes.

Day 187: Meadow.

Day 188: Purple.

Day 189: Clouds.

Day 190: It smells divine.

Day 191: Rocks.

Day 192: Bundi, neighbors cat.

Day 192: Bale of hay.

Day 193: Sea nails.

Day 194: Owls.

Day 195: Harry Potter time.

Day 197: Flower.

Day 198: Watermelon.

Day 199: Smoothie time.

Day 200: Raspberry cake, the best I ever tried.

Day 201: Pattern.

Day 202: Live.

Day 203: Rainy day.

Day 204: Chapel. 

Day 205: Love.

Day 206: Dessert.

Day 207: Watching basketball game.

Day 208: On picnic.

Thank you for watching!

7 komentarjev

  1. Great:)
    I really miss project 365 and I'm thinking about doing it again!

  2. Gorgeous photos :-) The dog and the cat as so cute :-)

  3. Divno! I love the photos! I think I would have a problem with choosing only one ;D

  4. prekrasne su ti fotke, naročito vani, sve mi se sviđaju <3

  5. Love the beauty clock!! And all the nature photos, you live in such a pretty place :)

  6. previse hrane u ovo prekasno doba, ja bi tortu od maline :D i od slika zbog neceg su mi se ove dvije s psenicom bas istaknule :)