Summer Manicure Week: Neon Flowers

I usually don't blog during weekends anymore, but this weekend I'm writing my third post already. I wanted to post my last summer inspired manicure today to conclude Summer Manicure Week series, because next week I want to start with reviews again. Last manicure in this series is a combination of my two favourite summery effect - holographic and neon. I started with 2 coats of Gosh Hero. Then I used Models Own Bikini for dotted half moons. Because I felt like something is missing I added neon flowers on two accent nails. I used Models Own Beach Bag, Models Own Flip Flop and GT Cosmetics No 2.

What do you think? Would you combine neon and holo effect on your nails as well? Thank you for reading!

7 komentarjev

  1. tale neon pa srebrna super pašejo skupi ;)

    lahko slediš mojemu blogu ;)

  2. Neon and holographic is a good combination!

    I do love this Gosh holo - it's really good :-)

  3. kolk huda kombinacija...ti me vedno spomneš da bi lahko začela tudi sama malo bolj ustvarjati, vendar potem spet kar pozabim ko se kaj lotim...

  4. Še ena krasna manikura, ter se strinjam s Kristino- tudi jaz kar dodim navdih za ustvarjalnost na nohtkih, pa potem nekako pozabim...

  5. nisam do sad probala skombinirat ali morala bih jednom :D super izgleda

  6. Great blog you have! Lovely photos! <3

    Maybe you want to follow each other?
    Let me know on my blog & I'll follow right away!