Summer Manicure Week: Nautical

Watching all nautical manicures on Instagram and hot weather outside inspired me to do a nautical manicure myself as well. This one definitely made me go to the sea, it's a perfect summery manicure. 

I started with Misslyn Royal Blue on my thumb, index finger and pinkie and Essie Blanc on middle and ring finger. I waited for polishes to dry and then I used striping tape and Essence Via Armail to do stripes. On middle finger I decided to draw anchor with Stargazer 237 and S-he 230. In the end I used Miyo matte top coat on middle and ring finger. Matte version definitely goes better with sand effect on other nails. On other nails I added golden studs. Final result was a gorgeous summery appropriate manicure.

What do you think of this manicure? Thank you for reading!