Summer Manicure Week: Cherries

Weekends are not really my blogging days. I say to myself every week, that I'll blog this weekend and write few posts for next week, but in the end I never do that. Everything else just becomes more important, I guess (let's just say weekends are sometimes more busy that weeks when I'm at work). But this week I decided to become a better blogger and blog every day (sometimes maybe even twice a day. I know some of you will hate that, but I don't care). Lately I'm really inspired for nail art and I'm doing mostly summery themes (if you follow me on Instagram, then you already saw all manicures), so I decided to post them in this week's "Summer Manicure Week" series.

Cherries are my favourite fruit. One of the reasons is probably in a fact that I can eat them only few days a year and that's why I can't get tired of them. So the other day I got the idea I could wear them on my nails as well. I painted two accent nails with Essie Blanc and then I used Essence Na Rock and Manhattan 12 Urban Jungle to draw cherries. On other nails I applied Manhattan 71S (Green Chai). I was very pleased with final result.

What do you think of my manicure? Thank you for reading!