Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer

I've been hesitating reviewing Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet lip lacquers, because these are products I like and hate at the same time. So yeah, expect a very mixed review. I saw swatches of these lip lacquers on one of Croatian blogs and felt in love immediately. They were matte, looked crazily pigmented and colors were bright, which means these are perfect for summer. After some time of thinking I decided to order two shades Keep Crying for You and Keep Lying for You

Let's talk about packaging first. These lip lacquers come in a golden clapboard and their packaging is a usual lip gloss packaging. It's a transparent plastic with a black lid, but it seems sturdy. They have spongy applicator which I like, because it makes application easier. What actually makes application difficult, is the formula. When you swatch lip lacquer on hand, it works creamy and pigmentation is amazing. Well, when you're applying it on lips, the story is different. They apply pretty sticky and the application must be fast, because they start drying very fast on lips. Every correction you make after they dry is visible, although probably not that noticeable from far. During the drying process they become sticky, so you must not press lips together, because you'll ruin the applications.
Although these are amazingly pigmented, they don't apply evenly. Once they completely dry (after few minutes) they stay on place and don't move. They won't transfer on a glass or anything and even if you'll kiss your BF, product won't transfer on his lips (no, I'm not talking about french kisses here :P). They dry completely matte. These are not hydrating, but also don't dry lips, although after like andhour of wearing them I get a drying feeling on lips (so I usually apply a lip balm on lips before using these).
What actually bothers me a lot is that after they dry I feel them on my lips. And it's not a pleasant feeling, but I feel like I'd have a concrete on my lips. Yes, they feel very heavy on lips. At the beginning that actually bothered me even more than now, I guess I got use to this feeling after few applications. When I drink, they start disappearing in inner part of my lips. They haven't survive meal on my lips yet. They could probably last hours on someone elses lips, but not on mine. I never wore them longer than four hours. When I laugh and talk they crack on my lips (but not immediately after application, that happens around two hours of wear). When they start cracking they also start peeling off. I'm noticing that because I have small dots all over my fingers and sometimes even on clothes. I have to say that's very annoying. Did anyone else had the same experience?

Keep Flying for You is a very bright peachy orange shade. It actually works a bit neon to me in person, it's so bright. It's definitely not the shade that would suit everyone and not everyone would like to wear this shade. At the beginning I didn't like it, I had a feeling that it looks horrible on me, but with time I got use to it and now I like the shade. I think that since I got a bit darker tan, it looks better on me and although I don't like the formula I'll probably wear it occasionally in summer.

Keep Crying for You is a bright pink shade. I think this shade would suit anyone and most of people would like it (except if you're strictly for nude shades). I definitely felt in love with this shade after first application. 

Here are swatches on my lips and photos of me wearing it. I know I didn't combine them with best makeup (it's colorful), but since I started working I don't have that much time for  photographing products on my face (usually only on Sunday), so I try more products on my face then. :P I specially love how Keep Lying for You looks on me.
One lip lacquer contains 2 ml of products and it costs 4,95€ on Lič where I bought both shades, which isn't expensive at all, but the formula ... Gosh, the formula just bothers me so much.

What I like about them: packaging, shades, price, scent (I forgot to mention before, but these don't have any special scent, which means they don't smell annoying and I like that). What I don't like about them: formula, application, how they act on lips. And now you know why I have love-hate relationship with these.
Would I recommend you to get them? Not really. The formula is just too disappointing. But if you will by any chance try them, don't expect too much from them. I wish these would be more like Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks. If the formula would be similar to Bourjouis formula, these would be perfect. Since I already bought them I'll probably wear them here and there, when I'll know I'll be somewhere for a short time or I won't eat or drink much, but these won't be my first choice during summer. And I definitely won't get any other shade.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet lip lacquers? If you had I'd really like to know your experience and opinion about them. Thank you for reading!