Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked Palette

Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette stole my heart as soon as I saw first swatches. It contains gorgeous shades. I specially love colorful shimmery ones. As I read Hot Smoked palette is a dupe for Urban Decay Smoked palette, except that it has two additional eyeshadows (UD palette has only 10 eyeshadows). I don't have UD palette, so I can't compare them, but judging by swatches the similarity isn't a question. 

I already talked about packaging in my previous Makeup Revolution palette review. As you know, it's plastic, not that sturdy and it has narrow lids, that are not the most practical to use. It comes with a spongy applicator that I don't use. 
Hot Smoked palette has 12 eyeshadows, 5 of them are matte and 7 are shimmery. I also really like the color selection. It has few brighter and few darker shades. On first sight this palette probably looks like a smokey/night out palette, but it's also perfect for creating daily looks. It has two very light (beige and brown) matte shades, which I find perfect to apply over a whole lid to create a base for a look or to blend out the darker shades. There's also a bit darker brown shade, that can be used in crease with one of lightest shade all over the lid and here you go, you have your gentle daily look. I find this palette perfect for traveling, because you have shades to create daily looks and on the other side you have darker, colorful shimmery shades for night out looks. I personally like to use these darker shades for daily looks.

Their pigmentation surprised me positively. All shades are very good pigmented, even matte ones. They are very silky and easy to apply and blend on lid. They dust a lot in the packaging, but fall out is minimal, which is another thing that surprised me positively. They blend so easily, that you can blend even the darkest shades to make them less intense (I usually dab them on lids to make them more intense). My favourite shade of the bunch is electric blue and it was probably the most used from the palette. I made these swatches without any eyeshadow base underneath. 
Now, as all other Makeup Revolution products even this one has its flaws - eyeshadows crease on me. I wore it many times and they creased every time. I'm not sure why, because my lids are not oily and I use an eyeshadow base with every look I do. Even the matte eyeshadow that I applied all over my lid after I used base didn't help. They don't start creasing immediately, but after around 6-7 hours. Luckily I'm wearing glasses and this mistake isn't that visible (good trick, ha? :D). Now if you have any good trick or recommendation what to use to prevent creasing, let me know. Here I just want to add this. Usually creasing bothers me, but not so much with this one and you know why? Because colors are so pretty, that I can forgive it that. 

Here are some looks I did with Hot Smoked palette. I don't remember anymore, which shades I used for a certain look.

Just want to share this full look with you, because it's probably my favourite I did with Hot Smoked palette. :)

This palette contains 14 g and it's available in Makeup Revolution store for £4.00 and on Lič for 5,95 €. For those of us who can't afford or get Urban Decay this is a great dupe. Although I experienced creasing, I don't regret buying it and I love it. Color selection is just perfect if you ask me.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution palettes? What do you think of this one? Thank you for reading!