New In (May)

If I have in mind that May was my birthday month, I didn't get that many new beauty related products. I bought only products that you see on a photo below and I think it's not that much. *goodgirl* :D

May was a nail polish month. I got Models Own Polish for Tans collection which was on my WL since I first saw swatches. I got Beach Bag, Bikini and Flip Flop and already swatched them, so check out this (click) post. A new Chinese store opened in the middle of May in Murska Sobota and they have Yes Love polishes. The choice is huge and I just couldn't decide which polishes I want, so in the end I took two, 59 that glows in the dark, and K003, a purple neon polish. At the beginning of the month I also got Essence Copacabana nail polish.

The summer is approaching and I'll need something to protect my skin, so I got few Sun Dance products. I got sun spray with SPF 30 for my body and sun fluid with SPF 50 for my face. I haven't try these two yet, because weather wasn't that hot lately (hot weather is so late this year. Not that I mind much). I also took spray to use it after sunbathing and let me tell you, this thing smells amazing. I love tropical scents and this product has the best scent ever!

And few random products. I bought shampoo and conditioner from Dvorec Trebnik. It's a Slovenian brand, sold in Mercator, so I decided to give it a go. I run out of my previous Garnier deodorant and decided to try their new Neo line. I got the one that has no scent. I'm afraid that it won't be very good for summer because it doesn't prevent sweating. In the summer I'll definitely need a better deodorant. And for the end a product that I finally bought after having it on WL for ages - Maybelline Instant Anti Age Effect concealer. But I haven't try it yet, because I still didn't had time to do proper photos for blog and since I got it I wore makeup only twice.

EDIT: I just remembered that I also received Vichy Liftactiv Advanced filler for review which I forgot to photograph.

What did you get in May? Thank you for reading!