My Makeup Routine: Eyes

You can call me a bad blogger, because I totally forgot to continue "My makeup routine" series. I still have to talk about eyes and brows and then to show you the final look (would you like me to do a lips post as well?). 

The most important thing for me for the eyes and the first step in my eye makeup routine is the one thing that is missing on the photo - an eyeshadow base. As you know eyeshadow base makes your eyeshadow look more intense and makes it last longer. I use Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base, because for me it works great.
Second step is applying eyeshadows. As you know I adore colorful looks, but  I don't have much time to create different looks every day, so I like to use natural shades. One of my favourite everyday palettes is Essence Metallics Copper Rulez, that contains 4 "brown coloured" eyeshadows. These are shimmery, but I love shimmery shades. And I think these are great for summer. In the summer I also like to wear Maybelline Color Tattoo On and On Bronze. It's a creamy shimmery shade, that can be applied with fingers as well and it looks good alone, which means that it's a perfect solution when I'm in a hurry. Lately I also enjoy wearing combination of Misslyn Next Generation on the lid (it looks golden applied only over a primer) and Catrice My First Cooperware Party in the crease. You can see me wearing a look with them here. My favourite eyeshadow to use as a highlighter on browbone and in inner part of my eyes is Alverde Vanille
I admit I don't wear eyeliner on daily basis for work, because most of the days I don't have enough time to do a nice even line, but otherwise my makeup look must have winged eyeliner, because I feel strange without it. I already talked about eyeliners, you can read this post here.
The final step is applying a mascara. My lashes are thin, straight and long. Since my lashes are straight I use lash curler that I bought in Müller. It curls lashes really nicely, but curls don't stay after I apply a mascara (any tips? Except waterproof mascaras, I don't like those). What I want from a mascara is to give my lashes a volume. My favourite mascara and the one that works the best for me is Essence I Love Volume mascara. I often use more that one mascara. I also like Catrice Glamour Volume mascara, because it separates lashes perfectly, but it doesn't give my lashes such nice volume as Essence mascara. 

Now let me show you a tutorial for a neutral look I love to wear. First I apply Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base (photo 1). Then I use Maybelline On and On Bronze eyeshadow on the lid (photo 2). Over it I apply brown eyeshadow from Essence Copper Rulez palette (photo 3). In crease I use dark brown shade from Essence palette (photo 4). As highlighter on my browbone I use Alverde Vanille and under my eyes I apply brown shade from Essence palette (photo 5 and 6). Then I use Catrice Cat Eyes eyeliner pen to line my eye and on waterline I apply Catrice kajal pencil (photo 7). I finish the look with Essence I Love Volume mascara (photo 8). 

Tutorial for winged eyeliner - LINK.

Which products are your favourite to use on your eyes? Do you like to use eyeshadows on daily basis or not? Thank you for reading!