Giveaway #5

I'm here with my last nail polish giveaway. But don't worry, it's not the last. For August I have very special giveaway in mind, I hope I'll be able to realize it. The winner of my previous giveaway isShpeksyy C. Congratulation!

The rules with this giveaway are the same as with previous one. Be my follower and fill the Rafflecopter form below. It's open only for Europe. It'll end on 26. 6. 2014 at Midnight. Polishes are not new, so if you don't like used products don't enter this giveaway.

- Orly Old School Orange
- H&M Why so Blue
- Essence Evil Queen
- Misslyn Real Khaki
- Essence Peaches
- H&M Dazzling Jade
- Essence Rock Rebell
- Depend 310
- S-he 399
- Essence Stairway to Heaven
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

12 komentarjev

  1. Congratulations for previous giveaway winner :)
    I'm entering this giveaway hoping for luck :)

  2. Thanks! I would like to see more swatches

  3. Oh Orly <3

    Jaz bi pa za naprej ful rada videla kakšno objavico o naj šminkah/parfumih/lakcih in kaj poletnega :D

  4. Oh nice giveaway!

    Been really enjoying your nail art posts. Maybe some more eye make up ones, I do love them :-)

  5. Giveaway oz. lakci so super! Jaz zelo rada pogledam predvsem tvoje manikure in druge make-up looke, pa bi morda želela kak mini tutorial, predvsem za očesni make up, pa tudi za nohtke.

  6. Apart from more swatches and nail art I'd love some posts on where to buy nail polish and accessories abroad. Like which stores have low prices and cheap shipping to Europe (I always have a problem on finding them and so many brands are just not available in Poland or are cheaper abroad than in my country).

  7. Oh yes, as someone already suggested I'd love to see your nail polish collection ^^. Or at least its blue part :)

  8. How About Home Remedies for various Beauty Problems ?

  9. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I would like to see a combo make up & nails :)


  10. Ne bi se branila kakšnega foto prispevka o vseh tvojih lakih za nohte (sploh, kje in na kakšen način jih shranjuješ - na regalih, stojalih, predalih, škatlah...).