Conditioner/Treatment Comparison

Conditioner/treatment is a must have product for my hair because without using it my hair looks and feels like straw. I tried many conditioners and treatments, some I loved, some not that much, but today I'll review three that I'm using at the moment: Swiss O'Par Argain Oil Treatment, Garnier Ultra Doux Reconstructing Conditioner Honey Treasures and Dove Hair Therapy With Argain Oil.
I already wrote about my hair on my blog before, so if you want to read more about it, go and read My Favourite Hair Products at the Moment post. My hair is long, straight and heavy, dry on the ends and greasy on scalp.

Swiss O'Par Argan Oil Treatment
Price: 3,59 €
Quantity: 200 ml
About product: For dry, damaged hair with no shine. It contains argan oil and provitamin B3 and has no silicone. You use it on wet hair, wait for a minute or two and then wash it off.
My opinion: I didn't expect much from this treatment, but it surprised me a lot. It has a similar thick and creamy consistency as Dove treatment and it works similar, it leaves my hair silky and soft. I usually apply a generous amount of product on my hair and leave it for few minutes. In between I brush my teeth, wash my face ... I like that it doesn't feel heavy on my hair and I will definitely repurchase it in the future.

Garnier Ultra Doux Reconstructing Conditioner Honey Treasures
Price: 2,19 €
Quantity: 200 ml
About product: A conditioner for weak and breakable hair. It contains honey which nourishes hair. This conditioner protects hair and makes it stronger. You use it on wet hair, leave on for few minutes and then wash it off.
My opinion: It doesn't say exactly how long you should leave this conditioner on your hair, but I noticed that longer I leave it more greasy my hair is when it drys. This one doesn't have very thick consistency as Dove or Swiss O'Par, but I also don't find it as good. I don't think it does much for my hair. My hair isn't soft and shiny if I leave it for a short time and it's greasy when I leave it for a longer time. It usually get's greasier faster as well and I need to wash it more often. Maybe it would work better on hair that's drier or more damaged than mine, I don't know, but this is not a conditioner I will repurchase.

Dove Hair Therapy With Argan Oil
Price: 3,99 €
Quantity: 200 ml
About product: 1 minute treatment with nutrition oils for very dry, strawy hair. Oil nourishes hair, but doesn't made them greasy. Use it on wet hair, wait for one minute and then wash it off.
My opinion: If you read my blog for a longer time, you know that this is my favourite hair treatment. It leaves my hair silky and soft and since I started to use it, my hair looks healthier (specially ends). I use it the same way as Swiss O'Par - I leave it for few minutes and meanwhile I'm doing something. Definitely amazing product for dry hair and it will be repurchase many times. Despite being thicker it doesn't make my hair heavy (I would know because I have naturally very heavy hair and that's the reason for the lack of volume). My ends are moisturized at least for two days before they start feeling dry again. It also has a very pleasant scent to me, I even can smell it even when my hair is dry. 

And here you can see how they look. Swiss O'Par is orange, Garnier is white and liquidy and Dove is golden-white, but I used it so much that only white part is left. If I conclude, I definitely recommend Swiss O'Par and Dove treatment, you're going to love them, but I'd pass Garnier conditioner, which didn't do much for my hair. 

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any other good conditioner/treatment recommendation? Thank you for reading!

Hello, Summer!

The summer has officially started, but the weather is not really summery lately. I do not remember June being so cold. But there were warmer days as well and on those days I felt summery, so one day I took few colors and did a summer inspired colorful look. First photo is made with my phone, if you were wondering about not so good quality, but I really like it, so I decided to conclude it in this post.

On my eyes I used Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base, over which I applied left browbone eyeshadow from Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. For the yellow eyeliner I used super pigmented Miyo 27 Sunrise eyeshadow and under my eyes I applied Maybelline Colorama crayon khol in Turquoise Flash. On lashes I used my new Miyo Big Fat Lashes Smoky mascara, which left a good first impression, but now more I use it more "meh" it makes me feel. No big fat lashes effect anywhere actually.

On my face I used Bourjois Healthy Mix serum Light Vanilla, Maybelline Anti-Age Effect concealer, Makeup Revolution O'Boy blush and Essence Metal Glam Gold Digger highlighter. Because orange is the color of the lips this summer, I used Avon Tangerine on my lips. 

What do you think? Do you feel summery already or not yet, considering the weather? Thank you for reading!

FOTD with Makeup Revolution Products

While I was writing a review of Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette, I found few photos of a makeup look that I did with Makeup Revolution products. Since I had more photos edited I obviously planned to write a separate post about it, but with time I forgot about it. But because I published review yesterday I think it's the best idea to post the look today.

The idea of this look was to do a neutral look with pop of color. I can't remember anymore exactly which eyeshadows from Hot Smoked did I use, but I'm sure that I did use shades 4, 5 and 6. And probably 1 as a highlighter. On my lower lashline I first used Misslyn Cornflower pencil, which I also applied on waterline, and then I blended it with electric blue eyeshadow. I finished the look with black eyeliner and a mascara.

Since the palette wasn't the only Makeup Revolution product I was testing I also used other products from this brand on my face. On my cheeks I applied blush O'Boy, which is a gorgeous pink cream blush, but sooo pigmented, that I often apply it too much. I had to apply a bit foundation that I had left on my brush over it to soften it. On my lips I used Salvation Velvet lip lacquer in shade Keep Crying for You, which I reviewed here

Products I used:
- Bourjois Healthy Mix serum 01 Light Vanilla
- Essence Stay All Day longlasting concealer 10 Natural Beige
Sleek Face Form Fair (contour powder)
- Makeup Revolution O'Boy blush

- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette
- Misslyn Cornflower intense color liner
Essence Liquid Ink waterproof eyeliner
- Essence I Love Extreme mascara
- Catrice eyebrow set (for brows)
- Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet lip lacquer Keep Crying for You

What do you think of this look? Thank you for reading!

Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked Palette

Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette stole my heart as soon as I saw first swatches. It contains gorgeous shades. I specially love colorful shimmery ones. As I read Hot Smoked palette is a dupe for Urban Decay Smoked palette, except that it has two additional eyeshadows (UD palette has only 10 eyeshadows). I don't have UD palette, so I can't compare them, but judging by swatches the similarity isn't a question. 

I already talked about packaging in my previous Makeup Revolution palette review. As you know, it's plastic, not that sturdy and it has narrow lids, that are not the most practical to use. It comes with a spongy applicator that I don't use. 
Hot Smoked palette has 12 eyeshadows, 5 of them are matte and 7 are shimmery. I also really like the color selection. It has few brighter and few darker shades. On first sight this palette probably looks like a smokey/night out palette, but it's also perfect for creating daily looks. It has two very light (beige and brown) matte shades, which I find perfect to apply over a whole lid to create a base for a look or to blend out the darker shades. There's also a bit darker brown shade, that can be used in crease with one of lightest shade all over the lid and here you go, you have your gentle daily look. I find this palette perfect for traveling, because you have shades to create daily looks and on the other side you have darker, colorful shimmery shades for night out looks. I personally like to use these darker shades for daily looks.

Their pigmentation surprised me positively. All shades are very good pigmented, even matte ones. They are very silky and easy to apply and blend on lid. They dust a lot in the packaging, but fall out is minimal, which is another thing that surprised me positively. They blend so easily, that you can blend even the darkest shades to make them less intense (I usually dab them on lids to make them more intense). My favourite shade of the bunch is electric blue and it was probably the most used from the palette. I made these swatches without any eyeshadow base underneath. 
Now, as all other Makeup Revolution products even this one has its flaws - eyeshadows crease on me. I wore it many times and they creased every time. I'm not sure why, because my lids are not oily and I use an eyeshadow base with every look I do. Even the matte eyeshadow that I applied all over my lid after I used base didn't help. They don't start creasing immediately, but after around 6-7 hours. Luckily I'm wearing glasses and this mistake isn't that visible (good trick, ha? :D). Now if you have any good trick or recommendation what to use to prevent creasing, let me know. Here I just want to add this. Usually creasing bothers me, but not so much with this one and you know why? Because colors are so pretty, that I can forgive it that. 

Here are some looks I did with Hot Smoked palette. I don't remember anymore, which shades I used for a certain look.

Just want to share this full look with you, because it's probably my favourite I did with Hot Smoked palette. :)

This palette contains 14 g and it's available in Makeup Revolution store for £4.00 and on Lič for 5,95 €. For those of us who can't afford or get Urban Decay this is a great dupe. Although I experienced creasing, I don't regret buying it and I love it. Color selection is just perfect if you ask me.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution palettes? What do you think of this one? Thank you for reading!

Destination Pretty Haul (with Swatches)

After short unplanned blogging break I'm finally back and this time hopefully more often, because I have many blog ideas I need to realize and share with you. First I want to write about the most exciting order I did this month. Sandra got a lot of new beauties in her shop Destination Pretty and it took me some time do decide what I want. I had a long wish list, but because I already got many new products this month I still have to test I decided to get the most wanted products from my list. Some of these products I wanted to try since I started blogging four years back (Sally Hansen polish and Seche Vite top coat) and thanks to Sandra I finally got a chance. I ordered:
- Wet n Wild palette Comfort Zone
- Seche Vite dry fast top coat
- Sally Hansen Pacific Blue nail polish
- NYX Studio Liquid Liner Extreme Blue

I will probably write a separate review only for a palette, but in this post I want to share with you my thoughts and first impressions of these products. 

Wet n wild palette Comfort Zone
Price: 8,48 €
It's not like I needed a new palette, but I felt in love with it reading reviews and watching swatches. It has 8 shimmery eyeshadows, which can be used for a gentle daily or a smokey look. I'm impressed with the quality of these eyeshadow, they have amazing color payoff, blend easily and don't fall out. I'm definitely planning to write a full review of this palette with one or two makeup looks. 

NYX Studio Liquid Liner Extreme Blue
Price: 5,02 €
I wanted an electric blue eyeliner for a very long time, but by us it was impossible to find it. When I saw swatches of NYX Studio Liquid liners I immediately decided to order Extreme Blue. It's an electric blue metallic shade. It has a very thin brush that enables easy application on eyes. It's easy to control, so you can apply thin line and then thicken it the way you want. On swatch it seemed very pigmented, but when I tried it on eyes I noticed, that its pigmentation isn't that good. But I always swipe off a product before applying it on eyes, because I find it easier to apply a nice line that way. It drys fast on eyes and it stays there for a whole day. I was testing it when I was ill and let me tell you, it survived sneezing, coughing and a whole river of tears. I'm not sure if it's waterproof, but it won't smudge that easy. But on the other hand it's easy to remove with micellar water and it won't leave a stain. I find it as a perfect addition to a makeup look in the summer and I'll definitely wear it a lot. 

This eye look is made with Comfort Zone palette and NYX eyeliner.

Seche Vite dry fast top coat
Price: 6,01 €
This top coat is known in beauty world as the best fast drying top coats. I'm using it for more than a week now and I already love it. Beside it I also tried Essence and Essie. It has a bit thicker consistency from the beginning as other two. I'll probably compare them all on my nails for a proper review/comparison post, but till now I didn't get the feeling it'll dry my manicure faster than other two, I actually think it takes it a bit longer. I usually paint my nails on my working days a half an hour before I go to bed and when I used Seche Vite, sheet marks were visible on my nails. That rarely happened with Essie or Essence. Maybe it was too thick coat, I don't know, I'll see how it'll act after longer usage. It gives a nice shine to my nails and what I specially love about it is that it makes my manicures last longer. If I paint my nails in the evening, my polish usually chips on the next day during my working period, but with Seche Vite that doesn't happen. My manicure lasts two days without chipping (or with minimal chipping) and with a small tip wear. And it's also very affordable. You get 14 ml for 6 € and one bottle will really last you long. I kinda have a feeling that making my manicure last longer will soon raise it to the top on "my favourite top coats" list.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue nail polish
Price: 4,53 €
I love everything I ordered but this polish is probably my favourite of the bunch. I felt in love with Sally Hansen polishes since I got Mint Sorbet and this one made my love to their polishes even bigger. It's a gorgeous blue cream shade with such an amazing formula. It goes on nails smoothly and it could be opaque after one thicker coat, but I always apply two thinner. On my nails is lasts two days without chipping and with minimal tip wear, but I suspect Seche Vite top coat to be responsible for that. I'm wearing it constantly since I got it. It's also easy to remove and it doesn't stain my nails.

And here's swatch. Let me tell you, this polish is so hard to photograph. My camera just couldn't capture the right shade (it looks too bright on upper photo), so I adjust it a bit. I think the closest shade is here on my Instagram photo (CLICK).

Have you tried any of these products? Thank you for reading!

My Makeup Routine: Eyes

You can call me a bad blogger, because I totally forgot to continue "My makeup routine" series. I still have to talk about eyes and brows and then to show you the final look (would you like me to do a lips post as well?). 

The most important thing for me for the eyes and the first step in my eye makeup routine is the one thing that is missing on the photo - an eyeshadow base. As you know eyeshadow base makes your eyeshadow look more intense and makes it last longer. I use Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base, because for me it works great.
Second step is applying eyeshadows. As you know I adore colorful looks, but  I don't have much time to create different looks every day, so I like to use natural shades. One of my favourite everyday palettes is Essence Metallics Copper Rulez, that contains 4 "brown coloured" eyeshadows. These are shimmery, but I love shimmery shades. And I think these are great for summer. In the summer I also like to wear Maybelline Color Tattoo On and On Bronze. It's a creamy shimmery shade, that can be applied with fingers as well and it looks good alone, which means that it's a perfect solution when I'm in a hurry. Lately I also enjoy wearing combination of Misslyn Next Generation on the lid (it looks golden applied only over a primer) and Catrice My First Cooperware Party in the crease. You can see me wearing a look with them here. My favourite eyeshadow to use as a highlighter on browbone and in inner part of my eyes is Alverde Vanille
I admit I don't wear eyeliner on daily basis for work, because most of the days I don't have enough time to do a nice even line, but otherwise my makeup look must have winged eyeliner, because I feel strange without it. I already talked about eyeliners, you can read this post here.
The final step is applying a mascara. My lashes are thin, straight and long. Since my lashes are straight I use lash curler that I bought in Müller. It curls lashes really nicely, but curls don't stay after I apply a mascara (any tips? Except waterproof mascaras, I don't like those). What I want from a mascara is to give my lashes a volume. My favourite mascara and the one that works the best for me is Essence I Love Volume mascara. I often use more that one mascara. I also like Catrice Glamour Volume mascara, because it separates lashes perfectly, but it doesn't give my lashes such nice volume as Essence mascara. 

Now let me show you a tutorial for a neutral look I love to wear. First I apply Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base (photo 1). Then I use Maybelline On and On Bronze eyeshadow on the lid (photo 2). Over it I apply brown eyeshadow from Essence Copper Rulez palette (photo 3). In crease I use dark brown shade from Essence palette (photo 4). As highlighter on my browbone I use Alverde Vanille and under my eyes I apply brown shade from Essence palette (photo 5 and 6). Then I use Catrice Cat Eyes eyeliner pen to line my eye and on waterline I apply Catrice kajal pencil (photo 7). I finish the look with Essence I Love Volume mascara (photo 8). 

Tutorial for winged eyeliner - LINK.

Which products are your favourite to use on your eyes? Do you like to use eyeshadows on daily basis or not? Thank you for reading!

Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer

I've been hesitating reviewing Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet lip lacquers, because these are products I like and hate at the same time. So yeah, expect a very mixed review. I saw swatches of these lip lacquers on one of Croatian blogs and felt in love immediately. They were matte, looked crazily pigmented and colors were bright, which means these are perfect for summer. After some time of thinking I decided to order two shades Keep Crying for You and Keep Lying for You

Let's talk about packaging first. These lip lacquers come in a golden clapboard and their packaging is a usual lip gloss packaging. It's a transparent plastic with a black lid, but it seems sturdy. They have spongy applicator which I like, because it makes application easier. What actually makes application difficult, is the formula. When you swatch lip lacquer on hand, it works creamy and pigmentation is amazing. Well, when you're applying it on lips, the story is different. They apply pretty sticky and the application must be fast, because they start drying very fast on lips. Every correction you make after they dry is visible, although probably not that noticeable from far. During the drying process they become sticky, so you must not press lips together, because you'll ruin the applications.
Although these are amazingly pigmented, they don't apply evenly. Once they completely dry (after few minutes) they stay on place and don't move. They won't transfer on a glass or anything and even if you'll kiss your BF, product won't transfer on his lips (no, I'm not talking about french kisses here :P). They dry completely matte. These are not hydrating, but also don't dry lips, although after like andhour of wearing them I get a drying feeling on lips (so I usually apply a lip balm on lips before using these).
What actually bothers me a lot is that after they dry I feel them on my lips. And it's not a pleasant feeling, but I feel like I'd have a concrete on my lips. Yes, they feel very heavy on lips. At the beginning that actually bothered me even more than now, I guess I got use to this feeling after few applications. When I drink, they start disappearing in inner part of my lips. They haven't survive meal on my lips yet. They could probably last hours on someone elses lips, but not on mine. I never wore them longer than four hours. When I laugh and talk they crack on my lips (but not immediately after application, that happens around two hours of wear). When they start cracking they also start peeling off. I'm noticing that because I have small dots all over my fingers and sometimes even on clothes. I have to say that's very annoying. Did anyone else had the same experience?

Keep Flying for You is a very bright peachy orange shade. It actually works a bit neon to me in person, it's so bright. It's definitely not the shade that would suit everyone and not everyone would like to wear this shade. At the beginning I didn't like it, I had a feeling that it looks horrible on me, but with time I got use to it and now I like the shade. I think that since I got a bit darker tan, it looks better on me and although I don't like the formula I'll probably wear it occasionally in summer.

Keep Crying for You is a bright pink shade. I think this shade would suit anyone and most of people would like it (except if you're strictly for nude shades). I definitely felt in love with this shade after first application. 

Here are swatches on my lips and photos of me wearing it. I know I didn't combine them with best makeup (it's colorful), but since I started working I don't have that much time for  photographing products on my face (usually only on Sunday), so I try more products on my face then. :P I specially love how Keep Lying for You looks on me.
One lip lacquer contains 2 ml of products and it costs 4,95€ on Lič where I bought both shades, which isn't expensive at all, but the formula ... Gosh, the formula just bothers me so much.

What I like about them: packaging, shades, price, scent (I forgot to mention before, but these don't have any special scent, which means they don't smell annoying and I like that). What I don't like about them: formula, application, how they act on lips. And now you know why I have love-hate relationship with these.
Would I recommend you to get them? Not really. The formula is just too disappointing. But if you will by any chance try them, don't expect too much from them. I wish these would be more like Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks. If the formula would be similar to Bourjouis formula, these would be perfect. Since I already bought them I'll probably wear them here and there, when I'll know I'll be somewhere for a short time or I won't eat or drink much, but these won't be my first choice during summer. And I definitely won't get any other shade.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet lip lacquers? If you had I'd really like to know your experience and opinion about them. Thank you for reading!

Summer Manicure Week: Neon Flowers

I usually don't blog during weekends anymore, but this weekend I'm writing my third post already. I wanted to post my last summer inspired manicure today to conclude Summer Manicure Week series, because next week I want to start with reviews again. Last manicure in this series is a combination of my two favourite summery effect - holographic and neon. I started with 2 coats of Gosh Hero. Then I used Models Own Bikini for dotted half moons. Because I felt like something is missing I added neon flowers on two accent nails. I used Models Own Beach Bag, Models Own Flip Flop and GT Cosmetics No 2.

What do you think? Would you combine neon and holo effect on your nails as well? Thank you for reading!

365 Days Photo Challenge: Day 139-166

Day 139: Visiting Radkersburg.

Day 140: NOTD.

Day 141: A stalk.

Day 142: A dinner.

Day 143: My new bag.

Day 144: He.

Day 145: Flower.

Day 146: Lines.

Day 147: Currant bush.

Day 148: Meadow of flowers.

Day 149: Museum in our village.

Day 150: My neon nail polish collection.

Day 151: Ice cream. 

Day 152: Lunch.

Day 153: Stork.

Day 154: Prešeren square in Ljubljana.

Day 155: Cherry earring.

Day 156: Taček.

Day 157: Jummy.

Day 158: Summer NOTD.

Day 159: Cherry strudel.

Day 160: Sunset.

Day 161: Holo mania on my nails.

 Day 162: Moon.

Day 163: In a park.

Day 164: Flower.

Day 165: Sunrise.

Day 166: Products I'm wearing on my face today.

Thank you for watching!