Simple Guide to Eyeliners with Tutorial

I was asked long time ago to do a tutorial how I apply eyeliner and I tried to photograph it many times, but I was never satisfied enough to post photos. Then when I was trying to take proper photos for a tutorial for the fourth time I got the idea I could do something like " guide to eyeliners" post. As you probably know by now, eyeliner is an indispensable part of my make up and I tried few different ones, but didn't review many, so I decided that this post will have short review of each eyeliner I have in my collection at the moment as well. 

There exist many eyeliners - black, colorful, glittery, but I decided to focus on black eyeliners. There are different types of eyeliners:
- pencils (good for every day wear, because they give eyes a natural definition)
- pens (good for simple looks, ease of pencil combined with coverage of a liquid eyeliner)
- liquid (good for precise line)
- kajal (pigmented, blendable)
- gel/cream (gel eyeliners are good for beginners, because they are easy to work with)
- kohl (pigmented, good for smoky look)

Today I'll talk about pen, gel and liquid eyelines, which are my favourite to use. 

Essence do remarkable colorful eyeliner pens, but shitty black ones. I don't know why I'm constantly buying their black pen liners, because none impressed me till now. My newest addition to collection is Superfine eyeliner pen in Deep Black. It has long thin pointer which is easy to control and it makes a thin line. On the other hand there is Catrice cat eyes eyeliner pen Deep Black, that has shorther and thicker pointer, but it's also easy to apply and one can also do a thin line with it. They are both called Deep Black, but they are not deep black at all, more like greyish black, Essence even more than Catrice. Pigmentation of both is medium and what bothers me with these pens is that they dry quickly. Essence eyeliner also stain the skin and it's harder to remove. What I also want to mention is that these are good for lining the eye, but not the best to use when you want to do a winged eyeliner. I just can't do winged line with them, they just don't give any color and it takes a lot of effort and time to do a proper winged eyeliner with them (I usually combine both to get nice pigmentation). Essence costs a bit less than 3 € and Catrice one I got on Essence&Catrice event, but it was LE so it's not available anymore.

I went through my published looks on blog, because I want to show you how every eyeliner looks on eyes. On first photo I'm wearing Essence eyeliner and on second Catrice eyeliner. 

Next is Alverde gel Eyeliner in Extreme Black. Well, this is what I call a black color. At the beginning I didn't like it that much, because it's more liquidy and not so good pigmented, but with time I started to like it. I usually apply it in two coats. With angled brush it's easy to apply thin and thicker line as well. It's not waterproof, but it won't smudge during the day, except if you'll cry or touch your eyes. It's also easy to remove. It costs around 3 €.

Liquid eyeliners have two different types of applicator: brush and spongy applicator. I tried both and l prefer thin brushes, because they are easier to work with. Catrice Ultra Fine Ink eyeliner in Don't Move is a great eyeliner. Amazingly pigmented, a true black shade, easy to apply because it has thin brush and also easy to remove. It's waterproof so it lasts all day without smudging. I bought two packaging of it already, but I had to throw second one away after one month, because it became too thick. I bought last eyeliner in the store and I think it was already opened before, because it became thick too quickly. First packaging I was using for a half of a year and it wasn't thick until I almost finished it. It costs around 4 €.
Second eyeliner with thin brush I use it Essence Liquid Ink waterproof eyeliner. Everybody is in love with it, but not me. It's not as pigmented as Catrice eyeliner, but the coverage is still good enough. It's easy to apply and also remove and it drys matte. It's waterproof so it doesn't smudge, but what actually bothers me is that after few hours starts cracking on eyes. The other thing that bothers me as well is that I can't wear it with shimmery eyeshadows, because shimmer sees through even though I apply two or even three coats (which is enough for a good coverage). It costs around 3 €.
I already reviewed Eveline Liquid Precision 2000 procent eyeliner before and I wasn't impressed. I still don't like it much, because it isn't good pigmented and it's hard to do a nice line with it (spongy applicator doesn't help), but I'm still using it, because it great to line inner corner of my eyes. Spongy applicator is perfect for that, because it has a thin end. I got this one in Nama, but it's not available there anymore. I think I payed around 6 € for it, maybe even more, I don't remember anymore.

On first photo I'm wearing Catrice eyeliner, on second Eveline and on third Essence eyeliner.

Here they're swatched on my hand. Each of them is applied in two coats.

From L to R: Essence Superfine Deep Black eyeliner Pen, Catrice cat eyes eyeliner pen Deep Black, Alverde gel eyeliner Extreme Black, Eveline Liquid Precision 2000 procent eyeliner, Essence Liquid Ink waterproof eyeliner, Catrice Ultra Fine Ink eyeliner Don't Move.

And here I am finally with the eyeliner tutorial. I'm still not 100% satisfied with it, but photos show my exact application technique. I usually wear winged eyeliner, it's my favourite. As you can tell from photos I posted in this post I never ever apply eyeliner exactly the same, it always looks different. Beside that I never apply the same line on both eyes, that's just impossible for me.
First I apply thin line from the middle to the end of my eye. I always start it the middle, I kinda find it easier that way. Then I start doing line in the inner part of my eye and I connect both lines in the middle. Next step is to do a wing. First I do short a line upward, then I connect the top of the wing with the line I did before and I fill it. Don't worry, if it doesn't look perfect, because you can still correct it. And that is the final step before I apply a mascara. It can also happens that I'm correcting it for so long that I do a very thick line. I'm correcting the line until it looks good enough and then I apply a mascara. In this tutorial I used Essence Liquid Ink waterproof eyeliner. I know my description is not the best, but photos can help you better.  

Which eyeliner type is your favourite to use? Have you tried any of these eyeliners? Which eyeliner is your favourite and you recommend me to try it? Thank you for reading!