Review: Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Ultra Black mascara

Ladies, I'm back with another Makeup Revolution review. This time I'm reviewing Amazing Curl Ultra Black mascara, that I received from Lič I have to admit I didn't have any expectations when I got this mascara, but I already had a feeling that it won't give me much volume because it's a curl mascara.

The mascara comes in a cardboard packaging with all information written on. The packaging of mascara itself it's black with golden writing. I actually like packaging a lot, because it's so plain and sometimes plain is the best. The wand is non-plastic and it's curved. It's probably curved because it should give amazingly curved lashes, but I don't think wand beeing curved plays such a big role. I'd actually prefer if it would be straight.
This mascara claims to be ultra black and it promises amazing curl effect during the whole day. Well, unfortunatelly none of these it's true. It doesn't curl them nicely, just a tiny bit and in the end of the day my lashes are straight as before I applied mascara, if I don't use lash curler. It also smudges after few hours. I didn't have major panda eyes, but I did notice black spots under my eyes. It also isn't ultra black. My lashes are naturally pretty dark and this mascara doesn't make them even more black (like some others do, for example Essence I Love Extreme). It doesn't gave any volume to lashes, but I have a feeling that it lengthest them a bit. I think that this mascara gives more of a natural look to lashes.

And here you can see mascara in action. On upper two photos you can see my natural lashes and on lower my lashes after I applied mascara in few coats as I would normally wear it. As you can see there isn't any major difference. I guess the reason is in dry formula. This mascara has the driest formula I ever tried. It also has fibres, but I have no idea what kind of a role do they play, considering that this mascara doesn't give any volume and doesn't curl lashes nicely.

This mascara contains 5 g and it costs £2.00 in Makeup Revolution store and 2,95 € on Lič I'm not a fan of this mascara, because it doesn't do anything for my lashes. What I expect from a mascara is volume. I guess this mascara would be good for someone who likes natural look, but definitely not for all other that expect more than that.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution mascaras? What do you think of them? Thank you for reading!
*I received this product for a review.