Review and Swatches: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in Celestial and Apocalyptic

Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers are very praised in blogosphere and when few of my favourite bloggers wrote how good they are, I put them on my wish list. Rimmel unfortunately isn't available in Slovenia and I, not having a PayPal account, couldn't order them online in popular beauty shops (which can be a good thing as well, because I'd spend too much money on products I can't get now, haha :P) so I didn't have easy access to them. Well, luckily Mateja told me about online store where Slovenian ladies can order Rimmel cosmetics. They don't have all shades of Rimmel Apocalips, but two of shades I wanted the most - Celestial and Apocalyptic - were available, so I ordered them immediately. I finally got a change to try these lip lacquers and see why are they so praised.

The packaging is plastic. The lid is black and has hexagonal form which I like because it looks like a diamond. The bottom of the packaging is in the color of lip lacquer, which is also great because you can see which shade you'll use before you open a lid. I find packaging very quality, because when I wore them in my bag the writing didn't dissapear and I love that (as you know Essence&Catrice writing dissapears quite quickly from the packaging). The applicator is very nice shaped, but as you can see it has a hole which contains product and I don't like it that much. At the beginning I had huge problems with application because of that. I quickly applied too much product on my lips. With time I learned how to control it and apply as much product as I need it. Most of the time I apply them with the back of applicator, it's just easier for me that way. 

I got shades Celestial and Apocalyptic. Celestial is a nude shade with pink undertone and Apocalyptic is a fuchsia pink shade. The pigmentation of these products is amazing. For swatches on my hand I did only one swipe. The formula is very creamy and they don't dry my lips. They don't last very long on me. They wear off after like 2 hours and leave a stain that dissapears after one hour. When there's only a stain on my lips I get a dry feeling on them. Stain is barely visible while wearing Celestial, but more noticeable while wearing Apocalyptic. What actually bothers me by these products is the scent. It's too artificial for me, but luckily it's gone once lip lacquers are applied on lips. 

Swatches on my lips. They look glossy on lips and I like that they don't emphasize dry parts. They are also not sticky. You really need only one swipe to cover the lips and once you learn to control applicator (and his hole) application gets easier. I also wanted to mention that they transfer on a glass or a cup when you drink and on my lips they didn't survive eating very well. 

And this is how they look on me. I actually like both a lot.

One Rimmel lip lacquers contains 5,5 g. I got them on for 6,15 €, but at the moment they cost 5,27 €. I think they ship from Czech and the shipping cost me 4 €. But the package came very fast, I think I received my it two or three days after I placed my order. 

Have you tried Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers? What do you think of them? Thank you for reading!