Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Acid Brights Palette

Makeup Revolution brand is a new UK brand, that is available in Slovenia too. A lot of Slovenian bloggers got a chance to try their products and I was really excited about my package. Today I'm reviewing a product that I was the most excited about - a palette Acid Brights. It's really a fun palette, full of bright shades and it screams my name from far. As you know I adore that kind of shades.

The packaging is black with transparent lid. It's pretty similar to MUA packaging. It's thin so it's easy to store. It comes with two side sponge applicator, which I don't use. The only problem can be narrow pans which are not really practical if you use bigger eyeshadow brush.

In this palette are 12 eyeshadows, 4 shimmery and 8 matte, 4 of them are neon (yellow, orange, pink, green). Eyeshadows are all bright and fun shades, but palette also contains black eyeshadow, which I like to use in outer V and crease and white eyeshadow, which can be used as highlighter. The pigmentation of shimmery eyeshadows is amazing and also matte are nice pigmented. Only white eyeshadow has poor pigmentation comparing to others.
Eyeshadows are powdery and dust quite a lot in the palette, but it surprised me that fall out is minimal when I apply them on my eyes. Over white base they can look even more intense than on swatches below and intesity can be reached also by tapping them on lids. They blend nicely. But I did notice, that after few hours they fade a bit and they crease. I wore few looks since I took these photos and they all creased. I tried Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base and NYX Milk pencil as base for looks and none prevent creasing. I'm kinda disspointed that these crease, because I have high hopes for Hot Smoke palette, which I tend to use more often than Acid Brights, to last on my lids through my working day without creasing.

Swatches are made with a brush and I didn't use any base underneath.

For first look I used fushsia shade in the middle of the lid, purple shade on first and last third of the lid, black in outer V and crease, darker blue on lower lash line and yellow in inner corner.

For second look I used orange all over the lid, black in outer V and I blended it with purple into crease, I used olive green under eyes and yellow in inner corner.

This palette contains 14 g and it's available in Makeup Revolution store for £4.00 and on Lič for 5,95 €. The price is really low and the quality of this palette isn't bad at all, but the downside is that eyeshadows crease on my lids. This palette is definitely not for everyone, but it's perfect for those who likes to play with colors. 

Now we came to the end of review, you saw the palette, swatches and look, but did it reming you on something? Yes, this palette is a dupe for Sleek Acid palette that I own as well. If you'll want to know which palette is better or if they are the same, you'll have to return on my blog tommorow to read a comparison post.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? What do you think of this palette? Thank you for reading!
*This products was sent to me for review.