My Nail Care Routine

Ladies, today I thought I'd write about my nail care routine. It's nothing special, probably many girls have similar routine, but I wanted to mention few products that I like and won't get separate review, but I know you're curious about them (for example Essie Good to Go).

First I obviously start with removing old nail polish. For that I'm using Aveo Mändel nail polish remover, which I mentioned hundred times before, because is amazing and I really love it. It contains aceton, but it luckily doesn't dry my cuticles like crazy and it does its job perfectly. The second product I use for removing old manicure are Ebelin cotton pads.
I fill my nails down with Essence 4in1 nail polish file. It has parts for filling nails, closing them and smoothing the surface. I don't fill them every time I change my manicure, because that would be too much. As I mentioned many times before, not many polishes last on my nails longer than 2 days and lately I'm changing manicure almost every day. I fill them down once a week if necessary or every two weeks. I this when my old polish is still on. That helps me to fill them the most equal as I can.

After I remove my old manicure I use hand cream or lotion to moisturize them. I really like Balea hand lotions. They are light and soak quickly into the skin. At the moment I'm using San Francisco scent (it smells like peach). I also love Essence hand cream. I'm never using only one, I like to change scents, but I think 2in1 hand&nail balm is really amazing and it's in their permanent assortment. Of course hand creams are thicker than hand lotions, but Essence creams are not greasy and they moisturize skin very good.

After that I use Lush Lemony Flutter on my cuticles. When I'm changing my manicure I don't use it a lot, just a bit, because it takes more time to soak in. It's thicker and greasier, but that's the reason it works so great. I like to apply this products on cuticles during the day as well and specially before I go to bed. Then I apply a bit bigger amount. It takes more time to soak it, but in the morning I wake up with perfectly moisturized cuticles. Another product I want to mention here is Perfect Nail Care Cuticle Oil. I received this product in a swap. I'm using it mostly when I'm doing swatches. It soaks into skin quickly but I don't find it very effective, the moisturizing feeling doesn't last very long  (and that's the reason I use it mostly while swatching). 
After all these products (hand cream/lotion, cuticle butter/oil) soak into skin, I go and wash my hands with hot water and soap. That way I get rid of all dirtiness and greasiness from hands and nails. Some girls also recommended me to use 100% alcohol on nail bed before applying a base coat, it should make manicure last longer, so I'll have to try that.

When my hands are washed I apply a base coat. At the moment I'm using two base coats: Essie Nourish Me and Essence Nail Art protecing base coat. I really love Essie Nousish Me. It drys quickly on nails, it's glossy so I can wear it alone as well and it makes my nails growing like crazy. It doesn't prevent breaking but I don't mind that because I know my nails will grow back quickly. Other base coat I'm using is Essence. When this product was still in the old packaging I loved it and it was my favourite base coat. Unfortunatelly I have to say that I'm not loving this products since they've changed the packaging. I think they changed its formula as well. When I took this photo I used it like 5-times but since then I used it few times more - it drys glossy, it doesn't smooth nails nicely and it doesn't dry as quickly as before. I actually find formula a bit too thick for a freshly opened base coat. Maybe I just got a bad bottle. I'll finish this bottle, but not repurchase it. 
When it comes to top coats I don't imagine doing my nails without fast drying top coat anymore. I really like Essence Better Than Gel Nails top sealer. There's only high gloss version available in stores, but I find it as good as old one without any label (my review here). The second one I also like it Essie Good to Go. It drys manicure in few seconds and it doesn't shrink nail polish. Some girl had problem with peeling a whole nail polish off when they used this top coat, but I didn't experience that. The only thing that bother me is that it becomes thick very quickly. When I used it like one third it already became thicker and now when there's like one quarter of it left, it's already very thick and I have to use thick coats if I want to apply it smoothly and that also means that manicure drys a bit longer. If I compare Essence and Essie I find both very good. They don't shrink manicure, give it very high gloss and dry it in few seconds.

So, these are the products I use. Which products do you use in your nail care routine that you really love? How does your nail care routine looks like? Thank you for reading!