Models Own Polish for Tans (Bikini, Flip Flop, Beach Bag)

When I  saw swatches of Models Own Polish for Tans collection for the first time I felt in love immediately. Neon polishes were always my favourite and these are perfect neon shades. Models Own brand is available on Click2Chic in Slovenia and I ordered them immediately when I received an email information, that this collection is now sold in their store. As you know I'm not a fan of pink polishes, so I ordered only three: Beach Bag, Flip Flop and Bikini

These neon polishes have very similar formula to pastel polishes. They apply a bit streaky, so I recommend you to apply one thin coat first and then a bit thicker second coat. You can also apply them over a white base, they will look even more bright. Their pigmentation is really amazing. Most of my neon polishes require three coats, but these are already opaque after two. They dry semi-matte, but you can always apply a top coat for more glossy look. And even without fast drying top coat these dry very quickly. 

First polish is Beach Bag. This one was the hardest to photograph. It's peachy orange shade, but it looks less intense on my photos. The closest shade is on first photo in the bottle. I used two coats.

Bikini is a gorgeous bright yellow neon shade, my favourite in the bunch. I definitely see myself wearing it all the time during the summer (I'm actually wearing it also right now, when I'm typing this). I used two coats.

Flip Flop is a very bright neon green. I think this is my fifth or sixth neon green shade, but it's not similar to any other, it's the brightest of them all. Definitely a very special shade for green lovers. I used two coats.

Models Own polishes contain 14 ml. I got them on Click2chic for 5,95 €. They are also available on Models Own site, but they don't ship international, so try to check some other online stores (Asos ...) if they have this collection. I do recommend them to all neon lovers, because these are really special. My neon collection is not small at all, but I don't have anything similar to these shades yet (in few days I'll post my neon nail polish collection on my blog). I think these will suit everyone, even those who are not very tanned.

What do you think of Models Own Polish for Tans collection? Which shade is your favourite? Thank you for reading!