Essence Viva Brasil Yeah, Copacabana! + Flower Nail Art

The other day my darling and I were in Müller where I found untouched Essence Viva Brasil stand. I'd skip this collection but my friend asked me to get one polish for her because she couldn't find it anywhere, so I took a closer look to polishes myself as well. Yellow one looked so pretty but I decided not to get it, until my boyfriend started to convince me that I need it. He said that it's a perfect summery shade and it'll look gorgeous on my toesm so I bought it. Lately I have a feeling that I'm mostly buying polishes that my darling likes, haha. But I don't regret that I got this one, because it really looks gorgeous. 

Yeah, Copacabana! is a bright yellow shade, but not a pastel. It has amazing formula, that goes on nails even and smooth and it's opaque in 2 coats. It's definitely a perfect summery shade. I can't say anything about drying time because I always use fast dry top coat which drys manicure in few minutes. It's costs like their regular polishes 1,69 €.

I wore this polish alone few times, but this time I wanted to do a nail art over it. I was inspired by wondrouslypolished on Instagram. Her desing looked perfect and mine is far from that, but I still like it a lot. For red flower I used Essence Na Rock, Essence Makes Me Weak, Astor 070 and CH Nail Lacquer 15. For blue flowers I used Astor 070, Flormar 423 and CH Nail Lacquer 15.

Did you get anything from Essence Viva Brasil collection? What do you think about my manicure? Thank you for reading!