Comparison: Makeup Revolution Acid Brights vs Sleek Acid

Yesterday I reviewed Makeup Revolution palette Acid Brights. As soon as I took it from the package I knew it's a dupe for Sleek Acid palette which I love and use it many times to create colorful looks. I decided to compare them and see which palette is better and if the dupe is as good as original.

Packaging:  Makeup Revolution palette is a black plastic palette with a transparent lid and it has all information written on the back of the palette. Sleek has a sturdy matte black packaging with a big mirror inside, but it doesn't have any information written on the palette. They both come with two side sponge applicator. Makeup Revolution palette is bigger (14 g, while Sleek weights 12 g), but both are thin, which makes them easier to store. But I prefer Sleek package, because it's more stury and it's smaller, so it's easier to carry it around when you go to travel, because it needs less space.

Pans: Makeup Revolution has long narrow pans and Sleek has round pans. Sleek is a winner for me here, because round pans are more practical, specially if you use bigger eyeshadow brush.

Eyeshadows (colors, texture): Both palettes have 12 colorful eyeshadows. Shades are practically the same (with minimal differences) and they follow each other in the same order in both palettes (if we start with black - next one is grey, then neon green, then neon pink etc.). The texture of all eyeshadows in both palettes is pretty similar, maybe Sleek has more silky shimmery shades, but other than that there's no difference, so I find both palettes great in this matter.

Application: In both palettes eyeshadows are powdery, so there will be a fall out, but by MR palette is minimal while Sleek eyeshadows fall out big time. Otherwise eyeshadows from both palettes apply nicely, both get more intense if you tap them on lids or apply over white base. But overall in this matter MR eyeshadows are better, because fall out is really minimal.

Longativity: I noticed that eyeshadows from both palettes fade away after few hours of wear, but without smudging or anthing. But Makeup Revolution eyeshadows crease. Matte shades from Sleek palette can crease as well, when I use them over creamy base, but creasing is not as noticeable as by MR eyeshadows and they last longer before they start creasing (MR eyeshadows start creasing after 7, 8 hours on eyes, while Sleek eyeshadows usually crease after 9 or more hours). So, Sleek eyeshadows are better, because they don't crease so quickly and they crease only when I apply them over very creamy base or when creamy base is too heavily applied (NYX Milk jumbo pencil).

Pigmentation: All swatches are made with eyeshadow brush without any base underneath and applied in the same number of layers.

Black eyeshadow: in both palettes this is a matte black shade, although more intense and pigmented in Sleek palette. In MR palette it look more greyish.
Grey eyeshadow: is a shimmery eyeshadow, very good pigmented in both palettes, but in Sleek palette is darker.
Neon green eyeshadow: is a matte shade, the color is same in both palettes, but it's better pigmented in Sleek palette.
Neon pink eyeshadow: it's matte shade, better pigmented in MR palette.
Olive green eyeshadow: matte shade, better pigmented in Sleek palette.
Purple eyeshadow: matte shade, better pigmented in MR palette.

Bright blue eyeshadow: shimmery shade, very good pigmented in both palettes, but maybe a tiny bit more in Sleek palette.
Darker blue eyeshadow: the same as with brighter blue.
Neon orange eyeshadow: matte shade, better pigmented in Sleek palette.
Neon yellow eyeshadow: matte shade, better pigmented in Sleek palette.
White eyeshadow: matte shade, poor pigmentation but still better pigmented in Sleek palette.
Fuchsia eyeshadow: shimmery eyeshadow, it's darker in Sleek palette and also better pigmented.

Overall, Sleek eyeshadows have better pigmentation, except by pink and purple eyeshadow, where pigmentation is better in Makeup Revolution palette. If I'd had these two shades in Sleek palette it would be perfect.

On eyes: I also compared them on eyes. On left eye I applied eyeshadows from Sleek palette and on right from Makeup Revolution palette. There actually wasn't any big difference between both eyes, because eyeshadows from both can be upgrade to nice intesity. Maybe the difference is seen with yellow and olive green eyeshadow (more intense on left site) and with purple (better seen on right side).

Price and availability: Makeup revolution Acid Brights palette cost £4.00 in Makeup Revolution store and 5,95 € on Lič Sleek Acid palette costs 9,99 € (£7.99), 12,95 € on Lič, 11,92 € on Moja drogerija, 12,34 € (it's on discount for 10,99 €) on Zapikonai.

Final opinion: They both have their preferences and flaws, but I think that Sleek palette is much better and is still my favourite. You can get MR palette, if you want something cheap for experimenting and you know you won't use it a lot, but I still think that although Sleek costs few euros more it's more worth to get it. I mean, 12 € for a great quality palette is a low price. So, in this comparison post Sleek Acid palette is a winner for me. Makeup Revolution Acid Brights isn't a bad dupe, but I'd recommend you to get a Sleek palette.

What do you think? Do you find Sleek better as me or do you prefer Makeup revolution palette?
*These products was sent to me for review.