Birthday Post

Hello, ladies. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know I had a birthday yesterday. I had a free day from work, because I worked few extra hours last week and my BF and I decided to spend the day more "active", not at home. I also planned a special post for my birthday yesterday, but I was so tired when we came at home, that I just didn't had any energy to write it. This post will be one of those random posts I use to write and I'll share a bit about my day with you.

This is my birthday manicure and I'm still wearing it. I got Models Own polishes last week and I had to do manicure with them. As a base I used Essie Blanc and for flowers Models Own Beach Bag, Flip Flop and Bikini.

I knew I can't combine my makeup with nails, because I wanted to use Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked palette, which has such amazing shades and I love it. In the end I did a purple look with it. I wanted to wear pink lips with this look, but we went for a lunch and I thought soft lipstick is a better idea, because any kind of lipstick would dissapear from my lips during the lunch anyway, so in the end I went with Makeup Revolution Love a Hug.

And here we are, my love and I.

We had lunch in chinese restaurant. I love chinese food and we haven't ate it for ever, so I decided already one month ago than we'll go there for my birthday, haha. I don't know all right expressions in English for all the food we ate, but we had soup, salad and I ate "fish plate" (squid, shrimp and European hake aka oslič - I'm not sure about right expression for last one).

Gift from my love and my nails. He got me a new wallet, because my old one was falling apart and I really needed a new one. He wanted to buy me some beauty products as well, but I said no, because at the moment there isn't anything I would want really badly. Lately I have a feeling that I come into a drugstore and nothing really catches my eyes. Do you ever feel the same way?

We also had ice coffee aka coffee and ice cream. Usually when you order ice coffee in coffeehouse, they bring you coffee and ice cream mixed together, but this time we got both separately. But it was tasty anyway.

In the end we had a little trip to Bad Radkersburg. I was there so many time doing shopping in Bipa and DM, but never went to see the centre of the city. It's a small city, but very interesting to walk through. It has many sights to see.

I really had amazing day yesterday. I hope you like this post. It's a bit different from usually beauty stuff, but I know you like random posts and unfortunatelly I just don't post them so often anymore. Thank you for reading!