Avon Speed Dry Enchanted Siren and Underworld Nail Polishes

Today I decided to write about nail polishes for a change. I got two new polishes from Speed Dry collection more than a month ago. As you know Avon often changes their products and it's better that I review their polishes while they're still available in catalogue.I do like Avon polishes, I think they have good quality, but I don't buy them that often, because I think they don't have that many original color (as a nail polish addict I own a lot of different shades and I bet I already have something similar to shades I like from Avon) and the other thing is that colors in catalogue are not very accurate and sometimes you don't get what you expect. But other than that their polishes have very nice formula, which goes smoothly on nails and the pigmentation is usually also very good.

Enchanted Siren is a mint nail polish with flakies and green shimmer. It's very lovely shade, but very sheer. I needed three coats to make it opaque.

Underworld is a dark blue shade with flakies and blue shimmer. This one is better pigmented, it's opaque after two coats. Although I like both a lot, I prefer this one, it's just a perfect blue polish. 

Both apply very nicely and they did dry quickly while I swatched them, but when I wear them as a full manicure I use a top coat. As you know by now, none polish (or very little) last longer on me  than two days and these were not exception (if you have strong nails and polishes usually last few days on your nails, these can last on your nails few days as well, I'm not saying that these will chip on your nails after one day as well. I guess you need to try them to test them. :P)
They are still available in current Avon catalogue and there are two more shades with flakies (one lime green and one dark green), others have mostly cream finish. One polish cost 5,90 €, but I got them both for around 7 €, because Avon had special offer back then and now one costs only 3 € in current catalogue, so if you like them you better get them now for a half of a regular price. But I have to warn you about removal. They don't go down very easy. I recommend foil technicque, because otherwise it'll take a lot of time and rubbing them from the nails and there will be still few flakies left on the nails.

Have you tried Avon Speed Dry nail polishes? What do you think of these two? Thank you for reading!