365 Days Photo Challenge: Day 118 - Day 138

Day 118: My palette collection. 

Day 119: Ice cream with a friend.

Day 120: New Essence collection.

Day 121: Baking cake for my BF's birthday.

Day 122: Tit.

Day 123: Coffee.

Day 124: Daisy.

Day 125: Ready for the wicked.

Day 126: Flowers.

Day 127: NOTD.

Day 128: Dinner (oatmeal, banana, honey).

Day 129: Random photo, that I really like.

Day 130: Taček.

Day 131: Nature.

Day 132: In the morning.

Day 133: Dwarfs.

Day 134: Sunset.

Day 135: Rainy day.

Day 136: My new beauties.

Day 137: Pattern.

Day 138: Cherries.

Thank you for watching!

14 komentarjev

  1. The palette collection is amazing! I want to steal it! ;)

    1. Haha, you can come and steal it, I have way to many palettes. :P

  2. oo, čigav je pa kuža? Moj je enak, samo črn :) pa opažam, da imaš kar veliko kolekcijo palet :D Sm kr lačna ratala ob gledanju vse te hrane :D

    1. Taščin. Prava mala nadloga, bevska na vsakega, ki pride k njim. He doesn't like me. :P

  3. It's always a pleasure seeing your amazing pics! ^_^