Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet nail polish has been mentioned many times on my blog in the past, I used it with many nail art manicures, I also did a comparison between mint nail polishes, but I never showed it on my nails alone as a full manicure. I have no idea, why that never happened before, because this is one of my favourite polishes and definitely my favourite mint nail polish.

I got this nail polish as a gift from a friend. She bought it when she was in Kanada and she totally surprised me with it. I felt in love with it immediately I first applied it on my nails. Because this is a pastel mint shade, its formula is tricky, but it has perfect flat brush that makes application easier and if one is very careful, this polish can be applied it only two coats. I think I already used one third of it and I will definitely repurchase it when I'll finish it or it'll get dry, because it's simply amazing. Unfortunately Sally Hansen isn't available in Slovenia (at least Xtreme Wear collection isn't), but I wouldn't mind if someone would start selling it in our country. :)

What do you think of this polish? Do you like mint shades or you're not a fan? Thank you for reading!