NOTD: Flowers

Few days ago Julep send me an email with information about their Spring Nail Art Competition. I was immediatelly interested in this competition, because this year I did so little Spring nail art. Lately time just doesn't allow me to be more creative with my nails, but there was one easy flower desing I had in mind to do for a longer period now and I decided to do it for this competition. It's nothing special, very easy to do, but I love it a lot.

Inspiration for this nail art were actually apple blossoms. They are white and have pink ends and I wanted to create something similar on my nails. As you know I'm not big pink fan and I don't have any pink nail polish, except one neon that is pinkish coral shade, so I decided to use mostly neon (neon pastel) shades. I think neon color look great over nude base. Because I didn't want to have only pink blossoms, I added orange one as well.

Step 1: First I started with two coats of Essence nude shade Totally Retro Nude.
Step 2: Then I used Color Club Youthquake and did four dots one by another for flower.
Step 3: When pink polish dried I used white polish (Essie Blanc) and did the same as before. I placed smaller dots into bigger dots.
Step 4: In the middle of flower I placed one big yellow dot with CH Nail Lacquer 15.
Step 5: Beside pink flowers I draw one orange one the same way as pink one.
Step 6: I used green neon nail polish (China Glaze Highlight of my Summer) and a dotting tool to draw leaves.
Step 7: I draw a white line into leaves for shadow.
Step 8: In the end I used top coats to seal the manicure.

And a bit of inspiration for the end.

 What do you think? Thank you for reading!

19 komentarjev

  1. I like it :) Ko bi le še sama imela potrpljenje za ustvarjanje na vseh nohtih, kertale tvoje manikura zgleda čudovito :) Meni ponavadi znese samo na enemu, max. dveh :D

    1. Jaz kar pogrešam te čase, ko sem imela res dovolj časa, da sem ves čas ustvarjala. Zdaj pa si ga tu in tam le vzamem. :D Hvala. :))

  2. Wow, obvladaš! Krasen spring mani! ❤

  3. Se ne bi branila takšne manikure. Lepo so.

  4. Luškana manikura:)) Zanimivi so tile cvetovi z roza obrobami:) In tale nude odtenek mi je zelo všeč. Si ne bi mislila, da je od Essence:)

  5. Very simple, but cute!! :D Great color combination :)

  6. Such bright beautiful colors and I love the tutorial ~

  7. This is so pretty! Love your mani and the inspiration pics! :)