New In (March)

Telling the truth I though March will be no buy month, but sometimes other things just came around, you need to get some hair and face stuff, then you get a dicount coupon that expires in the end of the month, you see few gorgeous holo shades that you want to have, you get few products for review and in the end there's a whole bunch of new products to show in New in post. 

I ran out of nail polish remover, so I got Essence Nail Art Nail Polish Remover Ultra and Aveo Mandel with aceton. I really like both, because they do a good job with removing nail polish. Aveo costs 0,99€ and Essence 1,49€. In Műller I found untouched Essence Cookies&Cream collection. I liked the blush and hand cream, but I decided not to get blush because I have enough of them (for now :P). But I did get hand cream because it's smells like cookies (it's not like I need it).

Mixa 24h Moisturizing Anti-dryness cream is amazing daily cream and I had to repurchase it when I ran out of it. I wrote about it before but I plan to write longer review as well once in the future. When it comes to hair products I usually repurchase products I love, but this time I'm cheating my beloved Dove conditioner again. I bought two different conditioners in Müller I want to test and to see if they are any good - Swiss O-Pair Arhanöl Haarkur and Garnier Ultra Doux Reconstructing Conditioner Honey Treasures. I probably won't review them separately, but you'll definitely hear (better said read) my opinion in one of my upcoming empties post.

I bought Body&Soul blush brush for contouring but I still haven't open it. I also got Essence 4in1 nail file that I repurchased many times before (they changed its look and now it's more hot pink :P). I also decided to try Essence The Lash Curler mascara because I read a lot of good reviews, but I'm not impressed. It doesn't to anything for my lashes, it doesn't hold curls very well and it definitely doesn't give them any volume. It looks more like natural mascara on my lashes. I also repurchased Essence Stay All Day 16 h concealer, just in lighter shade 10 Natural Beige. I like it, it has enough coverage for my under eyes circles. Lately I have a feeling that I'm constantly buying eyeliners. This time I got Essence Liquid Ink waterproof eyeliner. A lot of bloggers love it, but I'm still not very convinced. It's good eyeliner, but I wish it would be more pigmented. But I love that is very precise and it drys matte.

In first two months of this year I didn't bought a lot of polishes. Well, this time the story is completely different. My co-worker was ordering few stuff on Avon and she gave me catalogue to go through and I really liked polishes Enchanted Forest and Underworld. Green and blue and they have flakies. Love! I got myself Manhattan 71S as a gift for my graduation. I don't know if you still remember, but this is a Green Chai polish that was a part of one Manhattan LE few years ago and was very popular back then. And the last 5 polishes are HOLOGRAPHIC. Yes, Catrice made true holographic polishes and they look amazing on nails. I already swatched them, so expect post tomorrow. From Haute Future I got Gem Into the Future and Eletrix Blue and from Luxury Lacquers Plum me up Scotty, Holo Manolo and Holo in One.

Some time ago my Essence All About Matt Fixing compact powder felt on the floor, broke and half of it stayed on the floor, so I decided to repurchase it. I also got few lippies: Bourjous Velvet Ping Pong, Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin and Avon Tangerine Tango which I obviously forgot to photograph. Till now I tried only Bourjois and Maybelline. I love Bourjois lipstick. It has the most amazing finish ever and the other thing I love it is that despite being completely matte it doesn't dry my lips. The formula pigmentation isn't the best, I also have to be a bit careful with application, but final result is just amazing and it totally impressed me. I also like the shade of Maybelline lisptick, but what I don't like is that it has a horibble scent. I'm not sure if I got old lisptick, because Vivid Rose from same collection doesn't have any scent at all. Well, desprite that it doesn't feel strange on lips and scent dissapears after few minutes on lips.

And for the end goodies I got from Yves Rocher: foundation in Beige, makeup base, blush in Rose Fair, Sexy Pulp mascara, duo eyeshadow Sand and Amber, mono eyeshadow Matt Rose, lipstick in Rouge Gourmand and powder in Transparence Rose. I'm alreay testing all these products and next week I'll probably do a couple of posts with these products, because post will probably be too long if I'll review them all in one. I'm also going to show you the look with these products.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you get in March? Thank you for reading!