New In (April)

It's the end of the month and it's time for me to do a line under my purchases and see what did a bought during April. The final result actually isn't that bad, although I did exagerate a bit with few product. But guess what? As a nail polish addict I didn't bought any new nail polish last month. I'm crazily proud on myself, haha. :D

Let's start with most exciting products this month. The revolution is happening in beauty world and Slovenian bloggers got a chance to try few Makeup Revolution products as well. Lič send me palette Acid Brights, lipsticks Bliss and Love a Hug and curl mascara. I'm already testing these products, so swatches will be posted soon (I'll probably start with palette). Then I had to order few more products and I got lip lacquers in shades Keep Flying for You and Keep Crying for You. I already tried these and I have to admit I'm not as impressed and I thought I will be. But more when I'l post a review (probably next week, I'll try to swatch everything during holidays). I also ordered blush O'Boy, which I haven't try yet and a palette Hot Smoked, which I also haven't try yet, but shades look amazing. 

Then we have another crazy category - shower products. Why I say crazy? Because I bought five of them this month. Yes, five. And all are from Balea. But I can't help myself, I adore their shower products because they smell amazing. Beside three shower gels (hello, summer scents) and one peeling and also got a shower milk. This is actually a copy of Nivea In-shower body milk which I didn't want to try, because I was very sceptical about it, but this is Balea. I have to try something new from Balea even if I'm very sceptical about it (but as much as I read on other blogs, this product got many positive reviews).

I also got few hair products. All are repurchases, because these three are my favourite products. Balea Vitamin shampoo, Schwarzkopf Gliss hair repair spray and Dove conditioner. I actually bought it, because I want to wite a post comparing conditioners, since you were very interested to see a review of both conditioners I got last month

And for the end few random stuff: Balea Raiser Gel mit Aloe Vera, Mixa Cleansing Milk for dry skin, Balea eye cream and Balea Aqua serum. I'm thinking about writing a review about Mixa cleansing milk in the future, let me know if you're interested. 

Have you try any of these products? What did you get this month? Thank you for reading!