My Makeup Routine: Face

Hello, everyone! As you told me in comments on my previous makeup routine post, you really like the idea of makeup series post, so here I am today with a second post. This time I'll talk about products I use for my face and in this post I'll preach few of my all time favourite face makeup products. 

I have very little problems with my skin, so I love to use foundations with light coverage. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix serum are perfect for me. I have foundation in shade 02 Vanilla and serum in shade 01 Light Vanilla. Many people say that serum is much better, but for me they both work the same, except that serum is more liquidy I guess. Foundation is a bit darker so I tend to use it in Spring and in Summer, when I get more tanned. They both have light coverage that can be build and gave to skin a dewy finish. On me they last around 7-8 hours. 

As a concealer I'm using Essence Stay All Day 16 concealer. I was using shade 02 Soft Beige before, but I ran out of it and now I got lighter shade 01 Natural Beige. It's creamy and it has medium coverage, which is enough for me. It's very easy to blend and it lasts long on skin (but not 16 hours as they say). It can crease so I usually apply Essence matt powder over it, which prevents creasing for me.
The second product I use is Catrice Camouflage Cream in shade Ivory. It's thicker and heavier products, but it blends nicely and it covers blemished really good. For some time I was using it under my eyes as well and I still do this when I do looks for blog, but then I apply Essence concealer over it as well. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation 02 Vanilla, Bourjois Healthy Mix serum 01 Light Vanilla, Catrice camouflage cream Ivory, Essence Stay All Day Concealer Soft Beige.

When I apply all my creamy products I use Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder. This is really a great product. It mattifys my skin, prevents creasing (specially concealer under eye area), makes foundation last longer and it doesn't look cakey on my skin. My skin doesn't get oily quickly so I can't say how it works with oily skin.

Contouring is a makeup routine that I'm still pretty new in. I started to contour my face at the end of last year after I watched few Youtube videos how to do it. First I started to use Essence powder which is few shades darker than my skin, because I know my mistakes won't be that visible (but it's definitely not the rigth product for countouring).
Few weeks ago I ordered Sleek Face Form in Fair and now I'm using brown contour powder from this kit. It's amazing, not too dark for me (I'm quite pale in winter time), easy to blend and it looks good on skin. 

I own few highlighters but my all time favourite is Essence Metal Glad Gold Digger. It's golden shimmery highlighter, very nice pigmented and it looks amazing on skin. I use it with almost every look I do. 

Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder, Essence compact powder, Sleek Face Form Fair (contour powder), Essence Gold Digger highlighter.

I don't wear one blush constantly so in this post I'm sharing with you my favourite blushes at the moment. During one weekend I'll take time and take photos of all my blushes for blush collection post. Essence Be Loud Ap-ri(c)ot blush is in my favourites since I got it. It's perfect for this season as well, because it gives more peachy look to the skin. Catrice Pinkerbell is a hot pink blush, nice pigmented, but easy to apply and it looks amazing on cheeks. Few weeks ago I got two Sleek blushes Life's a Peach and Pomegranate, one peachy and one raspberry and I felt in love immediately. Pomegranate has amazing pigmentation, I need only a tiny bit of product to give color to my face and it last really long on cheeks. Life's Peach is a perfect shade for this season, a bit less pigmented than Pomegranate, but it can be built and it gives fresh look to my face. Last but not least is Etude House Grapefruit Jelly, which I also adore and it's perfect for Spring as well. 

Sleek Life's Peach, Sleek Pomegranate, Catrice Pinkerbell, Essence Ap-ri(c)ot, Etude House Grapefruit Jelly.

I also prepared a tutorial how I apply my face products. Nothing special really. Don't be afraid of my bare face, please. :P First I apply foundation. I usually use brush, but lately I rather use makeup sponge. Here I'm wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation Vanilla (photos were taken before I got serum). Then I apply concealer under my eyes and around my nose and blend it toward my cheeks. If neccessary I apply Catrice camouflage cream on my blemishes and blend it with makeup sponge (it really works great with it). After all my creamy products are applied I use Essence All About Matt Matt fixing compact powder.

Then I contour my face, apply blush and highlighter and I'm done. The blush I'm wearing here is Essence Ap-ri(c)ot. If I know I'm going to use eyeshadows that don't fall out, I apply foundation before I do my eyes, but when I use metallic or shimmery shades that fall out, I first do eyes and then face.

Which are your all time favourites products for face makeup routine? Thank you for reading!