Monthly Favourites - March 2014

It's been a while since my last Monhtly Favourites post, but because I know you all like to read them I had to start writing this blog series on my blog again. But before I start with products I loved last month, let me tell you that I finally joined Instagram. You can find me under username taja_g.

Bourjois Healthy Mix serum 01 Light Vanilla
This is the lightest HM serum shade and currently is a perfect match for me. It has a light coverage which I like and it evens my skin tone very nicely. I don't have any problems with brake out when I wear it. It lasts around 7-8 hours on my skin if I wear it alone, which is enough for me to wear it at work. In the morning I usually apply it with fingers because I'm in a hurry and it's very easy to spread and to blend it with fingers.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Ping Pong
I got this product in March but I felt in love with it immediately and I wear it constantly since then. It really doesn't have the best coverage, but it looks amazing on lips. It just has the best matte finish ever. On me it lasts around 4 hours, till luch time (when I'm at work) and after that it stays only in outer part of my lips. I usually apply another coat after lunch and it looks great again. The color is very nice pink shade. I have everything prepared for review of this lipstick, I just have to do a makeup look with it (hopefully this week I'll have time to do it).

Maybelline Baby Lips balm Peach Kiss
My favourite Baby Lips balm is the one in blue packaging, but lately I'm using this one a lot. I have it on my nightstand, so I reach for it constantly. It's doesn't moisturize lips the best, but enough for me and it smells amazing.

Catrice Pure Shine Lip Balm Go Flamingo Go
Another product I wear a lot lately. If I don't wear Bourjois Velvet lipstick to work, then I wear Go Flamingo Go from Catrice. It lasts only like one hour, hour and a half on my lips, but I love its color - it's peachy and for a lip balm it's good pigmented. It also moisturize lips very nicely.

Tedi makeup sponge
My favourite tool to apply foundation. I love it because it's great for not only applying but also building up the foundation and it also doesn't emphasize dry parts on my face. I wrote full review here.

Catrice My First Cooperware Party eyeshadow
Nice brown shimmery shade, perfect for every day wear. I usually combine it with Missly Next Generation eyeshadow. It lasts all days on my eyes, it's nice pigmented and easy to blend.

Misslyn Next Generation eyeshadow
A pink duochrome eyeshadow with golden shimmer and it actually looks golden on my lids when I wear it alone. I love it in combination with Catrice eyeshadow for every day wear. The combination lasts all day on my eyes without creasing. You can see the look with them here.

Alverde Extreme Black eyeliner
At the beginning I didn't like this product because it isn't the best pigmented and irriatated my eyes (beware if you have sensitive eyes), but with every new usage I started to love it more. It didn't irritated my eyes anymore (except if I removed makeup and soon applied liner again). It's true black eyeliner, easy to apply and it lasts all day (if my eyes don't come in touch with water - it's not waterproof). It's also very easy to remove.

Sleek Face Form Fair
A kit with three products which I all like, but my favourite are blush Rose Gold and contour powder. Contour powder is light brown and it's perfect for my fair skin. It blend very nicely and for me who am still a newbie with contouring is very easy to work with. And the blush looks gorgeous on cheeks, I love the sheen that golden shimmer of the blush gives it to cheeks. It's very good pigmented and on me it lasts around 8-9 hours (my whole working day).

Balea San Francisco
Balea hand lotions are my favourite to use. They are light and soak quickly into the skin, but also moisturize it very good. San Francisco smells like peach and peach it one of my favourite fruit.

Essie Nourish Me
I think you all know and probably also tried Essie Nourish Me. Slovenian bloggers raved a lot about it in past, so I had to get it as well and I wasn't dissapointed. I use it as my base coat (sometimes in a combination with Essence Nail Art base coat). I admit I use it often because I change manicure often, but my nails just don't wont to keep one manicure on longer than two days. It doesn't help with breaking, but my nails grow like crazy since I use it. I still have a half of it, but it's discountinued so I hope I'll find a good replacement for it when I ran out of it.

Which were your favourites of the months? Did you try any of products I mentioned? Thank you for reading!