Holographic Heaven (Catrice Haute Future and Luxury Lacquers swatches)

Ladies, as I promised yesterday, in today's post I'll show you 5 Catrice holographic polishes. Catrice made a great job this time and made polishes with nicely visible holographic effect (which is less visible on photos, because my camera always needs to eat something - if not color then effect). First two polishes are from Haute Future collection, which is available at the moment in the store, and three from Luxury Lacquers collection. I know I'm late to the party with Luxury Lacquers collection, but one of Slovenian bloggers got polishes from this LE for me, because they were sold out in our Müller, but for some time now she's not active on social media anymore and she doesn't respond. I just hope everything is ok with her. When I found this collection in Tuš drugstore I just decided to get these polishes for myself (if she'll contact me and send me polishes she got for me, I'll probably do a giveaway with them).

There's actually not that much to say about these polishes. As I said before they all have very nice holographic effect, which is visible not only in the sun but under artificial light as well. Their formula is amazing, opaque in two coats and very easy to apply.  Holo in One (green) and Plum me up Scotty (purple) are actually better pigmented than both silver and light blue polishes but all can be applied in two coats. Since I started to work all polishes chip on my nails after one daym so I can't say how long they can last. If you don't have problems with chipping than they can probably last few days on your nails. They also dry very fast. I usually don't wear top coat with holo polishes because TC can reduce holo effect.


Eletrix blue is a light blue holographic shade, applied in two coats.

The reason a bought Gem into the Future. It's a holographic polish with flakies!

Well, unfortunatelly flakies aren't visible on nails. In the sun it looks like regular silver holographic polish. In the shade flakies are visible only if you take a good look and you hold your nails close to your eyes. I tried to capture flakies on photo but none succeeded, so no shade photo for you in this post. I actually applied this one in three coats because I hoped I'll manage to get more flakies on nails but no, it didn't help.


Holo in one is a green holographic shade, applied in 2 coats.

Plum me up Scotty is a light purple holographic shade, applied in two coats.

Holo Manolo is a silver holographic shade, applied in two coats. In the sun it looks the same as Gem into the Future from Haute Future LE (although it looks to me like Holo Manolo has a stronger holo effect).

Comparison of both silver polishes on a nail wheel:

I also made a stamping manicure with Holo Manolo and Holo in One, because I wanted to check if green (and also purple, both are better pigmented than others) is good for stamping. It actually works very nice, although I should probably choose lighter creamy shade for desing to be more visible. Desing is from one of Essence plates.

These polishes contain 10 ml and costs 3,79 € (or something like that). For good holographic polishes they are quite cheap, but unfortunatelly they are LE so they won't be available for long. I definitely recommend you to get few of these if you like shades. Both silver polishes look the same on nails, although one has flakies, so you don't need both. I expected that flakies will be visible on nails. If I'd knew they won't be I'll probably skip one of two silver polishes.But orherwise I love all polishes and I'm very satisfied with them. When I'll have more time I'll probably do a holographic collection post and compare all my holographic polishes.

Did you get anything from Haute Future or Luxury Lacquers collection? Which shade is your favourite? Thank you for reading!