Empty #8

I promised this post almost a month ago, but I always hesitated when I wanted to write it and I dont know why. I opened this post many times, write few words and then just close it again. But because I know you like empties post, I decided to sit down today and finally finish it. And here it is. :P
In previous post with products I finished I showed you mostly skin and hair products, so this time I have face and nails/hands products for you. I also included few makeup items in this post, but not all. Few weeks ago I organized my makeup collection and I throw away a lot of old products that had strange smell or eyeshadows that were poorly pigmented and similar, but I decided not to photograph everything, it would be just too long post.

Aveo Mandel nail polish remover
I mentioned it many times, it's my favourite nail polish remover. It does contain acetone, but doesn't dry my cuticles as some other removers that don't contain acetone.
Repurchase: Yes.

Essence Nail Art nail polish remover
The only nail polish remover from Essence that I like. It drys my cuticles a bit, but it does a great with removing. And it doesn't stink.
Repurchase: Yes.

Balea Sheabutter Arganöl handlotion
I guess I have to try every scent of Balea's handlotions, haha. This one did a good job, but I didn't like the scent as much as by others.
Repurchase: Yes, but other scents.

Ebelin cosmetic pads
I use these pads mostly while swatching and for cleaning my hands when I do my makeup. I do like them, but not as much as Ombia ones, because these are smaller and not so thick. But Ombia pads are LE, so I'll have to repurchase these again.
Repurchase: Yes.

Balea Aqua Serum
This is definitely one of my favourite face products and I'm repurchasing it constantly. It helps moisturizing my face and it costs only 3 €.
Repurchase: Always.

Paula's Choice Moisture Boost hydrating tretment cream
I actually really liked this face cream. I used it as my day cream. It felt very light, it soak into skin quickly and it made it silky and soft. It was also a great base for makeup. You can read more about it here.
Repurchase: No, because I found a cream that I like better.

Paula's Choice Reist Intensitve Wrinkle-repair Petinol serum
I was totally impressed with this product. I used it only at night, because it was oily, but it didn't make my skin greasy at all. It actually made it pretty soft and silky when it soaked into the skin and in the morning my skin felt very good. I also noticed that it helped me with redness around my nose. 
Repurchase: Probably yes.

Catrice Lashes to Kill False Lash Fibres
I did like this mascara, although it didn't gave my lashes such a nice volume as many others. It didn't stick them together, but it did gave me panda eyes. More here.
Repurchase: No.

Essence I Love Extreme Volume mascara
This was actually my favourite mascara until I didn't try the one in pink packaging. There isn't any huge difference in the effect they give to lashes, but I prefer pink one, because black one "falls out" like crazy and in the end of the day I have a huge amount of black dots under my eyes.
Repurchase: No.
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Diamantissime mascara
The worse mascara I tried. It didn't gave my lashes any volume at all. More here.
Repurchase: Hell no.

L'Oreal False Lash Wings mascara
I bought this one together with Volume Million Lashes masacara and although it has strange(well, different) brush, I got used to it and I did like it. It gave my lashes nice volume, although not as nice as Essence mascara, it didn't stick them together, but I think I won't repurchase it again.
Repurchase: Probably not.

Lush Lemony Flutter
My holy grail product for my cuticles. It's butter so it's thicker, but it moisturize cuticles perfectly. I also noticed that if I have any cuts, it helps them to heal quicker. It really does. Amazing.
Repurchase: Yes, always.

Lip Smacker Coca Cola
It smelled really nice, but it didn't moisturize my lips at all.
Repurchase: No.

Essence Forget it! 3in1 concealer
This was my first concealer and it didn't impress me. Three colored concealer just isn't for me I guess. In the end I only used pink part under my eyes, but I didn't like it because it didn't last long. Review here.
Repurchase: No.

Catrice Ultra Fine Ink eyeliner
This is amazing eyeliner. It's waterproof version and it doesn't smudge, it's amazingly pigmented and it has a thin brush so I can do a thin line with it. I have to throw it away because it became thicker and I couldn't do a nice line with it anymore.
Repurchase: Maybe (at the moment I own too much eyeliners).

Essence Lash&Brow mascara
At the beginning I did like this products, but now not anymore. It's just too wet for my taste.
Repurchase: No.

Essence 4in1 nail file
Another of my favourite products. I just love to use it to fill my nails down to nubbins with it, it makes this job perfectly. It also has a part to close a nail and to smooth it. It's great.
Repurchase: Yes.

Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails top sealers
As you can see I have all three top coats (regular, fast dry and high gloss). Fast dry didn't really impressed me because it became thicker in the bottle too fast (when I used around one third of product). Between high gloss and regular top coat I didn't notice any difference and because only high gloss is still available, I'm going to repurchase it over and over again.
Repurchase: Yes, high gloss, because it's only one still available.

Essence Nail Art protecting base coat
This was my favourite base coat ever. It made my nails smooth and I never had problems with bubbling when I was using it. Unfortunatelly they change the bottle and I also think they change the formula, because new Nail Art base coat isn't as good as this one.
Repurchase: No, because they change the bottle.

Essence matt top coat
A top coat that made nail polishes matte. It became thick and impossible to apply, so I have to throw it away. I do like matte finish on the nails, but I prefer glossy one.
Repurchase: No.

Eveline 8in1 Toral Action nail conditioner
I used this product as a base coat and it was great, my nails didn't break like crazy and they were quite strong when I was using it, but in the end I didn't like it anymore that much, because my nails started to curve because of it and I didn't like that (let's face it, it doesn't look good).
Repurchase: No.

And a bunch of polishes I throw away because of warious reasons (they were dry or empty because I used them in my DIY ornament project or for nail art etc.)

Have you tried any of these products? Thank you for reading!

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  1. I love aveo polish remover too, I'm also using aqua serum but I'm not sure that it does anything to my face, I mean it does feel nice when applied but that is only thing i'm noticing.

    False lash wings mascara is one that I really want to try because of that brush :)
    I also tried lip smacker, and I cannot bare that sugar smell, it's just too much for me.

    I'm not sure that essence top coats are available any more, at least in croatia, they can't be found anywhere. There is just regular top coat from essence (in the clear bottle), someone told me that it have a new formula so it's like "better than gel nails".

    For eveline 8in1 - every now and then I give my nails rest of him. a month or even two, just bare nails, so it didn't do any damage to my nails. I'll keep using it for now because it is only thing that really did help my nails.

    And for the end : OMG what a bunch of polishes :D I'm liking the orange essie, looks so perfect for summer :)

    1. I dont't use Balea serum alone, I always apply face cream after serum soaks into skin. It helps moisturizing the skin, but during colder months it isn't enough for my skin.

      False lash mascara was good, although I prefer Essence I Love Extreme because it gives better volume.

      I noticed that Eveline helped my nails as well, but in the end when I was finishing the bottle I didn't like it anymore because my nails curved because of it. I still think it's great product but I find Essie Nourish Me better. And I also think Eveline base coat is not available in my country anymore.

      I loved that Essie polish, but the formula was a dissaster. It became thick and impossible to aplly after few weeks. I wrote about that more than a year ago in post abut dissapoiting products.

  2. Sad i ja stvarno želim taj Balea Aqua serum :'( LOL *GASP* na Eveline 8in1 O_O Ja sam u šoku, toliko ga obožavam. Koji base coat sad koristiš? Ne mogu više na engleski pisati, znam da si susjeda :D :D :D

    1. Threnutno uporabljam kot podlak Essie Nourish Me, ki mi je super. Nohti mi rastejo kot nori odkar ga uporabljam. Edino za močnejše nohte mi je bil Eveline boljši, ampak se mi zdi, da pri nas ni več v prodaji.

  3. Balea Aqua serum, itak! Drugače pa jaz te lake, sem kar vesela ko kakšnega porabim ali pa ko naredim čistko. Ampak resnici na ljubo, grooozno jaz bi skos samo lake kupovala ( ta mesec sem jih čez 20 )

    1. Jaz sem bila včasih tudi tako, ampak sedaj se mi že zdi, da imam vse odtenke, ko vidim kakega novega in potem le tu pa tam kakega vzamem. :)

  4. Balea aqua serum obožavam! :D Divna gomilica, a žao mi je za eveline, jer je meni favorit. :)

    1. Meni je tudi bil dolgo časa, ampak tako je, vtis se lahko spremeni. Mi je Essie Nourish Mi postak boljši. :)

  5. Par teh izdelkov je tudi meni zelo všeč, se pa tudi strinjam, da je Essence gel za obrvi premoker :)

    1. Jaz sem ga na koncu kar stran vrgla, ker ni uporaben ...

  6. Oooo ful huda objava, mi je prav všeč brati takšne poste. Mi je ful zanimivo videti kje imava podobno mnenje o izdelkih. :D

  7. Aveo odstranjivač mi je najdraži (i najjeftiniji!) :)
    Balea Sheabutter Arganöl handlotion sam gledala već nekoliko puta, i vagala bi li ga uzela ili ne, ali kako mi se prijašnji od vanilije nije svidio onda ga na kraju nisam uzela, držim se provjerene Balea kreme sa Ureom.
    A Lush Lemony Flutter planiram kupiti već neko dužeee vrijeme, samo nikako da dođe na red...
    Hmmm sad si mi dala misliti, naime meni se blago uvijaju kažiprst i srednjak, nije baš jako vidljivo ali me nervira, a već duže vrijeme koristim 8u1, pa si sad mislim da je to možda zbog njega... A iskreno ne znam koji bi drugi bazni lak koristila?!?

  8. Sto se tice ovih zgusnutih lakova, zasto ne uzmes thinner? imam jos uvijek ova prva dva manhattana i jos ih cijedim, ali dovuc cu ih do kraja valjda ove godine :D

  9. Jooj, vedno si rečem da bom šla končno kupiti Lemony Flutter naslednjič ko grem v Ljubljano, pa vedno pozabim. :D

  10. Hello! I'm a shy commenter, but it is time to break this bad habit...so, yeah, let's get to it ...To me a (nearly) empty bottle of polish generally means it's frankening time :) but if you need to restore an old precious one, and you don't have a polish thinner at hand, a clear nail polish with a thin formula should do the trick. Carefully adding the clear polish little by little won't make the color too sheer. According to my experiences, this method works best when you have about 1/2 or less product left in the bottle.

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