365 Days Photo Challenge- Day 83-103

It's been a while since my last 365 days photo challenge post, but I did take photo of the day every day despite not posting them more regular, although I admit I'm loosing my inspiration a bit, but I'll try to continue with this challenge anyway.

Day 83: Peachy.

Day 84: A gift from a friend for graduation.

Day 85: My view at work.

Day 86: Trying on my new lippie.

Day 87: Blue flakies.

Day 88: Sundown.

Day 89: Swatching.

Day 90: Blossoming.

Day 91: Tulips.

Day 92: Orange neon lips, nails and necklase.

Day 93: Taček.

Day 94: Movie night.

Day 95: Dandelion flower.

Day 96: By the lake.

Day 97: Loving those scents.

Day 98: Freshly washed hair and no makeup face.

Day 99: Ice cream.

Day 100: I'm on Instagram now (taja_g).

Day 101: Cute bookmark.

Day 102: Flowers.

Day 103: Easter exhibition.

Thank you for watching!