Review: Tedi Makeup Sponge

I know I'm a bit late with this review, but I just couldn't prepare myself to write a proper review in last few days. Today I decided to sit down and review a makeup sponge from Tedi on my blog. I have to mention first that this is my first makeup sponge aka "fake/dupe beauty blender", so I can't compare it with any other sponge. I found it in Tedi for 2€. They actually had two different makeup sponges, one pink and one blue. You know blue is more my color and I'd take blue, but pink one had more interesting shape to me, so I decided for pink one.

I use this sponge wet so that it doesn't soak up so many product (despite being wet it does soak little amount of foundation). When I wet it it doesn't extend a lot, only tiny bit. I squeeze water out of it and sponge is ready to use. I have to admit, I was worried at the beginning how this will work. I was afraid that the wetness of sponge will bother me, but it doesn't. I'm using liquid fundation and I don't even notice that the sponge is wet. And it applys foundation perfectly. My foundation probably never looked so good as it does now. It also takes me less time to apply foundation as with Body&Soul brush I used before I got this sponge. I love it, because now brush strokes aren't visible and the foundation doesn't emphasize my dry parts so much anymore (when I have any). I also applied Catrice camouflage cream and Essence concealer few times with it and it works great with both, because it blends them perfectly into skin.
I try to wash it after every usage, but for testing purposes I once washed it after four usages (I know this is bad because of bacteria, but it was only because of review purposes, otherwise I would wash it before). It took me quite some time to wash it, probably around a half an hour, because it soaked a bit more foundation during these four usages, but I managed to wash it all out. I also manage to remove most of foundation stain with soap, but it stayed a little stain on the tip of the sponge. I washed it many times and it's still looks good. It didn't fall apart or anything similar. It also didn't loose any color yet, but I'll see about that after longer usage.

For 2€ I'm pretty satisfied with this sponge. Unfortunately I can't compare it with any other because I don't own any, but I'd like to try Real Techniques Complexion sponge. I also probably forgot to mention something in this review, so if you have any questions, ask me in a comment below.

Do you like makeup sponges for applying foundation? Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!