Practising Makeup (few eye makeup looks)

Today I have few eye looks for you. Some of these were a practice of a certain technique, some were meant to be for a full makeup look (not only eyes), but I wasn't satisfied completely how they came out, so I decided to collect few of these looks and post them together in one post.

Colorful eyes
 I wanted to create something with my 6 Miyo eyeshadows and in the end this came out. It's colorful, because I took mostly colorful Miyo eyeshadows, but I love how intense it is. Miyo eyeshadows are really great quality and in the future I'm planning to get more of these. I used both blues on lids, white in inner corner, purple in crease and red above crease (when it's blended it looks more pinkish) and under my eyes I used combination of brown and purple eyeshadow. I probably wouldn't wear this as a full makeup, but it was fun to create it.

Blue cut crease
There was a time, when it was impossible for me to do a proper cut crease makeup look, but you know as they say, practise makes perfect. I'm not sure which eyeshadow exactly I used above cut crease and under my eyes, I think I was using Beauty UK Twilight palette. But on my lid I used Blue Hawaiian from Sleek Curacao palette, which is lately one of my favourite eyeshadows to play with (one more look with it will come in the future). It's such a gorgeous light blue shade, I think it'll be great specially for summery looks.

Winter white
This was a winter inspired look and I planned a full post, but in the end I wasn't satisfied enough with full face makeup to post in separately. I also don't remember exactly what I used here, I think I used Catrice Jeans Dean in crease, a white eyeshadow from one of Sleek palettes on lids, Essence Fairy Dust pigment and S-he glittery eyeliner.

Golden studs
This look was actually pretty simple and wearable, I used eyeshadows from Sleek Storm palette for it, but I decided to make it more creative with adding golden studs following the line of eyeliner. I use eyelash glue to stick studs on my lid. I really like this look, I'll probably re-create it for eyerday wear (without studs, of course :D).

Black and orange cut crease
I create this look, because I wanted to use Misslyn Next Generation eyeshadow over the red shade. Next Generation is a duochrome eyeshadow, that looks golden on lids alone and when it's applied over colorful eyeshadows, it gives them a golden sheen. I really like how it looks over red, it makes it orange with a golden shimmer and it reminds on fire. The black eyeshadow is Noir from Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette and red is from Sleek Curacao palette.


I didn't write beside every look which eyeliner did a use, because I used my regular Catrice Ink Waterproof Eyeliner Don't Move eyeliner with all of them. By most of the looks I used false lashes, except by the third one.

What do you think, which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!