P2 Before Sunrise

I just went through few folders where I keep material for blog and oh god, how many photos I still have to edit. I probably have swatches of like 30 nail polishes, but I still haven't edit photos. I'll have to do that ASAP and start posting nail polishes more regular on my blog again. I also found swatches of this beauty P2 Before Sunrise and decided to post them today.

I got this polish last year, when I was in Graz. It's a gorgeous reddish shade with metallic finish. It also contains golden shimmer and in the bottle it looks like it's duochrome, but on nails that effect isn't visible, although golden shimmer is noticeable. P2 polishes from Color Victim collection have very nice flat brush that makes application a blast. This polish has very good formula and it applys easy, but because it's a metallic finish brush strokes can be visible. This polish is opaque after two coats and it drys quite fast. For me this is more fall/winter shade, because for spring/summer I prefer bright shades, but I still love it, it's very pretty shade.  

Have you tried P2 Color Victim polishes before? What do you think of this one? Thank you for reading!