My Makeup Routine: Brushes

Under my NY giveaway I was asked to do a post about my makeup routine. At the beginning I didn't plan to write this post, but then I got the idea that I could do a series with these post, in which I'll show you few other requested stuff as well (like how I do my eyebrows and apply eyeliner). I divided this series into four parts: brushes, face, eyebrows and eyes+full face (or maybe I'll even do a full face separately). In first post I'll show you brushes that I use with almost every look I do, in second my favourite products to use on my face, in third a tutorial how I do my brows and which products do I use and in last post few of my favourite products for eyes and a quick tutorial of my everyday natural look.

I'm actually using only brushes from drugstrore, because I still don't have PayPal account and then I can't order online from abroad. In our drugstores there aren't that little brands, that have brushes (Ecotools, Essence, Catrice, Ebelin, Body&Soul, UMU and many others) and few of these I tried myself as well. On these photos isn't my whole brush collection, only few I use regular.

Body&Soul foundation brush
This one is a flat foundation brush. I was using it before I got Tedi makup sponge. I'm not a huge fan of it beause of one simple reason - it leaves brush strokes. I have a feeling that it takes me forever to apply foundation nicely and it's harder to build it (I'm using Bourjois HM serum which has light coverage) because of those brush strokes. I included it in this post, because I was using it for last few months (before I found better replacement) and because these photos were taken before I got Tedi sponge. Body&Soul brushes are available in Műller. This one was around 3€.

Ebelin powder brush
I'm using Ebelin powder brush for applying Essence compact powder. It's big but it has soft bristles and it applys powder very good. I'm loving this brush. I don't remember the exact price, but I this it's around 5€. It's available in DM.

Body&Soul concealer brush
Unlike foundation brush I'm loving concealer brush. It has synthetic bristles and it's small, so it's perfect for under eye area and I can also use it around my nose. It applys and blends concealer perfectly. It's not rough to the skin at all, so I think someone who has sensitive skin around eyes can use it as well. It's available in Müller and I think it's less than 2€.

Essence powder brush
I was using it for applying matte powder at the beginning, but Ebelin brush did better work here, so I found a different purpose for it. Because it's not very big I use it to contour my face and it does it's job very good. I'm still new at contouring my face, so I always apply countour powder very lightly. Essence brushes are available in all drugstore that have Essence stand.

Ecotools blush brush
Ecotools is probably my favourite brush brand at the moment. Blush brush is totally amazing. It has soft bristles and it blends blush perfectly. It's available in Tuš drugstore, Špar and probably somewhere else as well. The price is around 8€.

Body&Soul blush brush
This is an angled blush brush, but because this is a smaller brush I use it to apply highlighter with it. I tried to apply blush with it as well, but I prefer Ecotools brush for that cause. It's a great brush and few days ago I got another one, because I heard it's great for contouring as well. It costs around 3€ and you can get it in Müller.

As face brushes my eye brushes are also only from drugstore. Ecotools brushes mentioned in this post are a 6 piece eye brush set.

Elite eyeshadow brush
This is probably the oldest brush in my collection. I have it for so long that it doesn't have a brand name written on handle anymore. It has dense bristles and it's perfect to apply eyeshadow on the lid. It works great with powder and cream eyeshadows.

Essence eyeshadow brush
In my Essence brush review I wrote that I don't like this brush a lot, but I use it anyway. It's great for applying cream eyeshadows and sometimes I use it to apply powder eyeshadows as well, if all others are dirty.

Ecotools shade brush
Ecotools shade brush has many purposes in my makeup routine - sometimes I use it to apply eyehsadow on lids, sometimes under lids where it works great because it's small, sometimes I use it in outer V to make eyeshadow more intense and sometimes even in inner corner.

Ecotools smudge brush
This is a tiny brush, but I almost never use it for smudging. It's great for applying eyeshadow under my eyes and I love to use it to apply highlighter in inner corner. When I apply it with this brush, highlight shade looks more intense.

UBU blending brush
This is my favorite blush for blending eyeshadow, specially on my browbone, because it works the best. I use it to blend out all the harsh lines. Sometimes I also use it for applying eyeshadow when I want to apply it more light. It's available in Tuš drugstore for around 2€.

Essence smokey eyes brush
I already said before that this is my favourite Essence brush. I use it to apply eyeshadow in crease and outer V and sometimes even to blend eyeshadows out (if I want eyeshadow to look darker. If I want to make it look lighter I use UBU brush).

Ecotools highlighter brush
This brush has only one purpose in my makeup routine - to apply highlighter on my browbone and sometimes in inner corner. It applys eyeshadow very lightly. Before I got UBU blending brush, I was using this one for blending eyeshadows on my browbone as well and it was good for that as well.

Which makeup brushes do you use with every look you do? Do you like the idea of My Makeup Routine blog series? Thank you for reading!