365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 55-68

Hi, everyone! After two weeks I'm back with new 365 days photo challenge post. Last week I didn't had enough time to choose, edit and post photos, so today I'm posting last two weeks together.

Day 55: Flowers.

Day 56: Writing down ideas for future posts.

Day 57: Sun in the water.

Day 58: Fountain (which doesn't work, yet).

Day 59: Visited library.

Day 60: Old one died, so I had to get new one.

Day 61: Bridge.

Day 63: Waiting for a train.

Day 64: Reading Inferno.

Day 65: Washing all my brushes.

Day 66: I.

Day 67: Trees.

Day 68: Blossoming.

You probably noticed that there is one day missing. This Monday I actually forgot to take photo. I knew what I want to photograph, but I was preparing my degree presentation and I obviously forgot to take photo, which I realized next day in Ljubljana after my degree presentation, when I was thinking what to photograph next. Because I really enjoy this challenge I decided to continue with it, alhough I forgot to take one photo of the day. It's actually pretty fun, although I sometimes run out of inspiration, but I'm hoping to get better photo skills with this challenge, so I will do it until the end of the year (I hope I won't be so busy again that I'll forgot to take another photo of the day). Thank you for reading!