Valentine's Day Stamping

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you who celebrate it. I hope you're still not bored of V-day themes on my blog, because I have one more manicure for you. This time I decided to use few Essence plates that have romantic designs on them. This one is also a part of Živa's The Valentine Project. I actually have to thank her for all inspiration, because without this project I probably wouldn't do anything V-day themed.

I started with skittle manicure. I used Essence Off to Miami, Essence Save Your Kisses for Me and Essence It's Peach not Cherry. On my pinkie I applied glittery polish and stamped a rose, on ring finger lips for kisses, on middle finger hearts, on index finger I applied glittery polish with hearts and on thumb I stamped word love. For that I used Essence Sunshine and Red Roses, Barry M Blood Orange and Fingrs white polish. I actully can't named you all Essence plates I used, because they all have the same name.

What do you think? Thank you for reading!