S-he Stylezone 340

Some time ago I was browsing on Zebra nails blog and came across swatches of S-he Stylezone 340 nail polish. I couldn't find it on S-he Stylezone stand anymore, but last Friday I found it in a basket with discontinued products and I had to grab it. 

I'm not huge fan of S-he nail polishes. Since they changed the packaging, they changed the formula as well and it's horrible. Old polishes had much better formula and much prettier color palette. New polishes have horrible formula - it's too thick or too runny. Beside that colors aren't anything special. Except this one - it has a great formula and amazing color.

340 (gosh, I wish this beauty would have a name) is a gorgeous olive green shade with golden shimmer. Its formula it's luckily not too thick ot too runny and it applys nicely. It's opaque in two coats. The shimmer is nicely visible in daylight or under direct artificial light, but otherwise in the evening when it becomes more dark it looks mostly dark green. But it has one big minus - it chips very fast. Ok, on me all polishes chip fast, but this one chips extremely fast. I wore it for only few hours and it already chipped. Not even top coat made it last longer. Usually polishes last at least one whole day before they start chipping (unfortunatelly I have that kind of nails). Oh, well ... S-he polishes cost 2,75 €. This one was less than 1€, because it's discontinued. But luckily I still got it before it will be completely gone.

What do you think of this polish? Do you like it or not? Thank you for reading!