Review: Prolab Shampoo Against Hair Loss

Few months ago my problems with hair loss started. I decided to try shampoo agains hair loss, but wasn't sure which brand should I get. Then Click2Chic had a discount on Prolab shampoo. I read some positive reviews, so I decided to buy it. I waited with this review until I didn't finish the bottle of shampoo, because there passed few weeks before this shampoo started to work for me and first impression is not always a final impression, as you all probably know by now. If I'd write a review after one month of usage I'd say it didn't work for me, but now when I finish the bottle I can say that it helped me.

Prolab was made in Ilirija laboratories and they say about it: "Prolab shampoo against hair loss with the active formula Follicusan, which effectively reduces hair loss. Follicusan actively vitalizes scalp cells. The shampoo strengthens your hair, infuses it with new energy and nourishes it."

The shampoo comes in a white plastic packaging. The opening enables easy dosage. The shampoo itself it's transparent. The smell is herbal. To me it's not very pleasant, although it's not horrible either. But it didn't bother me after I washed my hair, because I always used conditioner and some other products on my hair as well and my hair always smelled nicely in the end.
I was using this shampoo for around three months. I can't say exactly for how many washes did I need it, but I wash my hair once or twice a week (sometimes ever three times, it depends from different circumstances). At the beginning I didn't really like this shampoo. It didn't foam and it crazily dried my hair. After some time I noticed that I had to use two times bigger amount than with other shampoos if I wanted it to foam. Then it did foam nicely. And now in the end I also didn't had a feeling anymore that it drys my hair that much. Maybe my hair got use to this shampoo, I don't know.
At the beginning it didn't work, obviously. After around four or five washes I noticed that little hair started to grow forward on my head. At that time I was still loosing a lot of hair, mostly while washing them and while brushing them. After few more washes little hair started to grow all over my head (I can notice them clearly when I wear a pony tail, because they jut out everywhere). Then after around two months of usage I noticed that I started to loose less hair while I was washing them and also on the brush there were less hair. I was still loosing them, but not big tuft of hair as before, but here and there few hair. So for my hair this shampoo was really helpful, but results came after longer usage.
If I mention few other things - I read some reviews where people said that their hair become healthier when they started to use this shampoo, but I didn't notice that. I actually had pretty healthy hair even before I started using it (even my hairdressers said that). They were shiny and they didn't become greasy very fast - that didn't change with usage of this shampoo. But my hair did get stronger. The other thing is dandruff. Some shampoos cause me dandruff (like Head&Shoulders, doh), but this one didn't. Otherwise I don't have problems with it. But if you do I can't say if it'll help you with that problem or not.

Prolab shampoo contains 250 ml of product and the price is 8,91 € (at the moment it's on sale, it costs 7,70  €). It available in Ilirija and on Click2Chic (I don't know if anywhere else as well). I have to say I am satisfied with this product, it helped me and in the future I'll definitely buy it again.

Have you tried Prolab shampoo against hair loss? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading!